An Introduction to Online Booking Systems

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For any business that has a website and takes reservations for goods, services or activities from customers, an online booking system is a must, with research showing that people are more likely to make a purchase from a company that offers online booking as an option than those that don’t.

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From smaller companies, especially, the benefits of online booking systems are becoming increasingly important, with the hotel industry showing a 50% year-on-year increases in online sales, for example. However, the idea of implementing such a system can seem daunting. This article provides a brief introduction to online booking systems, which are much easier to use than you might have thought.

What Is Online Booking?

Online booking allows customers to book a service or activity and pay for it through your website without having to speak to anyone in person or on the phone. Some booking systems allow customers to add the activity to their online calendars.

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Who Are Online Booking Systems For?

Online booking systems are for any business or organisation that has a reservation system, be that for hotel rooms, car hire, meeting rooms or equipment rental. Some systems are designed for specific industries or sectors., for example, offers a facilities online booking system specifically for schools looking to hire out classrooms, halls or school equipment.

How Does Online Booking Work?

Once a customer visits your website and selects the option to book a service, they are directed to a secure site where they can make their booking. Booking systems are generally set up to ask for the information you need to confirm the reservation, and the customer is then asked for payment. Details of the reservation are kept on a secure system you access with a password.

Are Online Booking Systems Secure?

If you use a specialist facilities online booking system provider, you can be confident that their systems will be secure and your customers’ data will be protected. Before signing up to a provider, make sure their systems are encrypted and regularly backed up.

Is There a Cost to Using an Online Booking System?

The cost of using a system will vary depending on the provider you use. Some will charge a fee per transaction, others a monthly fee, which makes it easier to manage cash flow and company expenses.

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