After an injury Robert Kubica is using his left hand to drive

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Williams test driver Robert Kubica has said that he is driving predominantly left-handed since his return to the F1 paddock after serious injury.

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The 33-year-old Polish driver suffered severe arm injuries and crushed his right hand in 2011. He was driving a Skoda Fabia in the Ronde di Andora in Liguria when he left the road and hit a church wall. There were serious doubts about whether he would ever drive again, let alone return to F1.  If he was ever to return to driving they would need to do a full investigation in to what happened on the engine and the tyres.  For quality tyres that don’t cause issues you may want to go to a Tyres Gloucester company at links such as

Several years after the accident, Kubica revealed he had signed a pre-contract deal with Ferrari for 2012, but this was later cancelled.

Currently Williams’ test and reserve driver, he was vying for a starting seat at the turn of the year but eventually the team announced that rookie Sergey Sirotkin would partner Lance Stroll for this season’s races. The partnership has picked up just four points so since 2018.

In an interview, Kubica described his driving as 70% left-handed. He believes his body has adapted to compensate for the weakness on his right side. His performances pre-season suggested he was not disadvantaged compared to his teammates or many other drivers on the starting grid.

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The season

He also revealed that driving one-handed was nothing new as drivers often did it in the 2010 season when they used their hands or legs to cover holes in the cockpits, thus activating the F-duct to gain advantage on the straights.

Fans keen to catch a sight of Kubica can take advantage of F1 Hospitality at Monza at the beginning of September. The circus then moves on to Singapore at the beginning of the worldwide swing that ends the season. A full list of remaining venues can be found at the F1 site.

F1 hospitality packages are available for the remainder of the season.

Kubica has revealed that his new style of driving is coming naturally following his rehabilitation and return to F1. He claims that this is in line with other changes he has had to make in the rest of his life following the accident.

His successful return should come as no surprise since his style of driving was never physical. He was always one of the most relaxed drivers in F1.

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