Industrial shelving advantages for you

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The use of industrial shelving in warehouses provides an organised and well-structured storage system that is easy to access, which boosts productivity. Even if you’ve already got a shelving system in place, there are ways you can make it more efficient with drawers and other accessories.

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Well-organised shelving

Industrial shelving is only working as well as it can if it is not too full and it is organised in an efficient way. That does not mean that you have to keep fewer items on the shelves, but you do need to make the best use of the space. One way of successfully achieving this is to divide it up into different sections so that everything has its place and can be found easily.

Shelving systems can be made more effective by combining them with a warehouse management system, which is a rapidly growing market due to the low cost and efficiency benefits such systems bring.

The benefits of storage accessories

When you’re planning your industrial shelving Ireland companies can supply you with a variety of accessories, such as drawers, to enable you to organise your storage in a way that suits your requirements.

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Drawers can be fitted in a range of sizes, and these work particularly well at keeping the area organised and tidy. They enable you to sort out products and parts into relevant categories so they’re readily available when needed.

These are a more practical solution than just using standard boxes as they offer more durability and are actually fitted to the shelving units, so they are kept securely in place. This means that they can stand up to regular use without becoming damaged, and they take up less space than a box because there’s no need to leave any space free above them.

When you’re looking to install drawers, such as those suitable for the types of garage shelving available from suppliers like  you’ll also be improving the safety features of your warehouse. Drawers prevent workers from having to lift and move heavy boxes, which significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

With a better organised and clean-looking storage system, you will also reduce clutter because you’re utilising the full height of the units, which keeps the floor area clear and reduces the number of trip hazards.

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