Ideas to wear leather or vinyl pants day and night

wear leather or vinyl pants day and night
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Ideas to wear leather or vinyl pants day and night. Leather pants, leather effect or leather leather, vinyl or even plastic: there is more than one way to call these pants that, apparently, come to remove the throne to the cowboys of always. The (from now on leather or vinyl pants) arrived some time ago to stay. Now, to wear them with style, you must follow a very specific user manual. Do you want to know what it is? Here are some ideas to wear leather or vinyl pants day and night . Are you going to miss it? This ideas of wear leather made you more stylist.

The success of leather or vinyl pants

They say that they are bold and sexy to the fullest, they also say that only the most fashionable girls wear them and we tell you that they are skinnies suitable for each and every one of us . You just have to find those that stick with your personal style and put them with the clothes you have in your closet because, if there is something that has been clear, is that these chic pants combine with everything. It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

What is special about leather or vinyl? If you wear some tight you’ll see the beautiful effect it does: elongated and stylized legs, firm buttocks and marked hips. If you look a little more baggy, you will see that they are elegant as well as modern. The truth is that all versions have a shine of the most special that catches as soon as someone decides to look at them. With zippers on the sides, with buttons in the center, or even with stirrup. And that’s not to mention the colors … Here is the user manual to look like no other leather or vinyl pants .

Tricks to wear leather or vinyl pants on a daily basis

Leather pants in skinny version are the most suitable to achieve an urban look of ten. The reason? They have a patent effect, and they have a sexy touch and rocker that stands out.  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

Breaker look

If you want to wear a sugar outfit, you can put your leather pants to match the jacket in that same fabric . Combine both garments with a basic white shirt and midi studded boots. It sounds good, right?  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

The winning combination

If you do not convince the previous look because it is not your style, quiet, you just have to try another combination. Of the many that exist, there is one that seems to us the total winner without any doubt. How about combining your pants with a gray blazer ? Also, put on some flat shoes, a white blouse and a handbag.  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

 Basic outfit

As you may have already noticed, the basics go great with these special pants. A white short-sleeved shirt, a simple blouse or even a camel crop top to wear with a piece of high-waisted leather. That in terms of the top part, but have you noticed that many celebs wear these combinations with stilettos for day to day ? There must be a reason…

How to wear leather pants for the night

The cowboy has always had a firm competition, and is that if you wear jeans at night is already a classic, imagine go a step further and wear a leather shiny effect. No one can resist! If in the case of wearing the vinyl pants by day you usually do with basic pieces, simple or straight cut, it will be at night that you will be able to give free rein to your imagination. Of course, without overloading your set and making balance of color and textures.  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

Very sexy look

How about testing this combination? Put on your black leather pants with a lace bralette , red high-heeled shoes and a shiny handbag. Your make up should match perfectly with your shoes. From this premise, play to make all the combinations you want according to your style . It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

  1. A lot of brightness

Blouse or top of glitters? Yes please. To wear with leather skinnies, stilettos, a clutch on, your favorite jewelry and your best smile. As for the top or blouse of glitters, you decide: there are shorts or longer version, there are copper, pink or gold and there are also straight, asymmetrical or cut out on the back.  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

  1. An elegant shirt

You must remember that for everyday you will wear your leather pants with simple pieces, while for the night you will wear other striking and more daring. You know that when the sun goes down the thing changes, and the looks become a little more sensual. If you light these pants, with a blouse of the most elegant in any color and silk with a few rooms, you can attend as the perfect guest to a formal dinner. We can say that the vinyl pants are the new wild card … And we do not lack reason!

What color to choose leather or vinyl pants?

It has been more than clear that the infallible black combines with everything , and adapts to the tastes of all. But do not forget that vinyl pants are also in other colors, such as garnet, olive and caramel. eye! Here if you have to be very careful when combining them …  It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

Garnet leather trousers

If your leather pants are garnet, it will be better if the rest of your clothes are black. Top, shoes, coat or jacket and even the bag. If you want to risk a little, put on a white fitted shirt. The leather pants are striking, and even more in this tone, so the rest of the garments should be in neutral .

Olive leather trousers

The same happens if you have opted for some olive green vinyl pants. They look good, they are super cool but they do not give much play when mixing them. You will have to focus again on the gray and black palette and put an accessory in the same olive color. It is one of the best tips to wear ideas to wear leather.

Candy colored leather trousers

The leather candy pants, (those that stand out for their soft brown color) are the favorites of the famous, and it is a piece that dresses a lot and is very special. Here you have more colors to play to mix, for example: white or black for the top, reddish for footwear, and animal print for the bag or handkerchief that adorns your neck. And you? By which version of the leather or vinyl pants are you going to bet? If you try it, you repeat for sure. You also can see this- The Style tribune

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