How to make a table in excel

How to make a table in excel
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In fact, the entire Excel software package is a large table, with countless columns and cells. However, this does not mean that the user can not create their own. About them, as well as useful tricks when working with Microsoft Excel, we will talk below how to make a table in excel.

How to use Excel spreadsheets?How to make a table in excel

Then, to convert an open sheet of a program into a complete table, you just need to sort the data and start placing it in cells. The last ones are numbered, divided into columns and cells to facilitate the navigation. The works of mathematical calculations, analysis, and other useful functions. Here are some tips on how to use Excel to help you:

  • To separate the required number of cells with information from the rest of the space, use the “Borders” button in the toolbar, or look for the same element in the “Main” -> “Source” menu (you can draw the fields manually using the drop-down interface or choose between the proposed designs preselect the desired cell field using the mouse cursor);
  • the additional design will also help to give the table a more complete look: color the headings with color or underline, after examining the panel of the program shown in the illustration;
  • If the table assumes the presence of complex calculations, use the formula verification function (for example, to eliminate the error #TIME!): Select the problematic cell, go to the menu “Formulas” -> “Dependencies”, select the options to show the dependent cells, the source of error or other necessary data;
  • use the sections of the Start tab: the subsection «Number» will allow you to specify the format of your information, including the number of digits after the comma;
  • The “Styles” subsection of the same section has at least one convenient function, for example. The ability to paint cells with different colors, according to the fulfillment of the specified conditions;
  • It is easy to navigate through the table using the buttons «Search» + «Search and replace» if any parameter has changed.

How to make a table in excel easily

Creating the Excel table through the «Insert» menuHow to make a table in excel

To create a kind of “table in the table”, add columns or lines to your calculations, graphic material, symbols or complex functions, Excel offers a wide functionality of the «Insert» menu. For example, if you need to combine the results of several tables. And organize them into a sheet, you can present the table in a list or vice versa. For the information of several tables in one, do the following:

  • First, place the convenient button «Dynamic table assistants and dynamic tables» in the toolbar (click on the quick access toolbar -> «Other commands»);
  • If the source table is on another sheet, go to it;
  • Click on the «Masters» button, in the window «several consolidation ranges» + «dynamic table» and «Next»;
  • the “Create page fields” window appears, also click on “Next”;
  • select all the cells in the table to create a range of data;
  • there, with the “Add” button, we add other tables that should be taken into account in the summary;
  • in the next window, alternately select the ranges of the tables and place the markers at the first. Second and subsequent points (depending on the number of tables), which are the fields of the final table;
  • After clicking on the «Next» button, we indicate where to place the result of the information (for example, in a «new sheet»).

The summary table of clause 2 will be linked to all source materials. If the data in the changes, you can update them by finding the corresponding item in the context menu.

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