How to get an eyelash out of your eye

How to get an eyelash out of your eye
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It is not uncommon for a small foreign body to enter the eye. Dust, chips, cilia, and other foreign objects affect the mucous membrane, as a result of which a person experiences discomfort. In most cases, these events are accompanied by pain, the nerve endings become irritated and exhausted. Since the epithelium has its own protective functions, the cilia that enter will not be able to seriously injure the eyeball. However, the discomfort must be alleviated, we consider effective ways in order.

When a foreign object enters the mucous membrane, the eye tries to protect the epithelium and begins to water. It occurs on the reflex level, exactly like blinking, squinting, and other reflexes. However, such actions cannot always completely eliminate the threat. Some cases require external intervention.

Method number 1. Elimination by contact

Of course, the eyelash can enter the eye at any time of the day. Practical tools, such as toilet sticks or a mirror, are not always at hand. To carry out the procedure properly, wash and dry your hands.

Try to determine “by contact” exactly in which area the tab is located. Start from your own feelings. Then try moving the object with your clean fingers along the lower / upper eyelid from the outer corner of the eye inward.

Repeat the manipulation 3-4 times until you achieve the desired result. You will be relieved when the cilium descends towards the inner corner of the eye. You just have to gently grip it with the tip of your finger, without staining the makeup.

Method number 2. Wipes and mirror

If the previous version was not successful, try removing the tab with a paper napkin/tissue and a mirror. Slide your fingers over the lower / upper eyelid to slightly displace the lash, when a foreign object is clearly visible, pull the skin up and down respectively.

Fold a tissue or tissue paper in an envelope so that it forms a sharp corner. Point the corner of the product towards the tab and try to hook it. A foreign object must stick. As soon as this happens, slowly remove your hand.

Method number 3. Cleaning contact lensesHow to get an eyelash out of your eye

There are frequent cases in which the eyelashes stick to the contact lenses, distorting the vision. This method of removal is difficult in its own way, as the contact lens is quite difficult to remove for the eyelash to remain on it.

After extraction, immerse the lens in a special solution or send it to the container (for disposable items). In cases where the lens is clean and there are no foreign objects on the surface, carefully examine the eyeball.

Method number 4. Tongue extraction

Perhaps the strangest, but effective way to remove eyelashes from the eye. The option is suitable for people who rest in nature. As a rule, in such situations it is not possible to thoroughly disinfect hands or use a mirror.

To solve the problem, contact a friend or girlfriend, ask her to “lick” your eye. Removal is carried out as follows: the eyelids move up and down, respectively, the eyelash must be in sight. As soon as this happens, the partner must catch it with the tip of the tongue so that the object sticks.

Method number 5. Massage of the century

Sometimes the eyelashes do not fall below the upper or lower eyelid and remain in the center of the mucous membrane (in the pupil or in the protein). Do not rush to remove the object immediately with your fingers, so as not to push the lash further.

Do the most difficult: close your eyes, massage the eyelid from the outer corner of the eye to the nose with gentle horizontal movements. In no case do not perform manipulations in a circular motion, otherwise, it will be difficult to follow the tab.

Once the object is in the inside corner, remove it with the edge of a scarf or napkin. For your comfort, you can use cotton buds (as long as the villi do not come into contact with the mucous membrane).

Method number 6. Cotton swabs

With the tools at hand, you can easily remove the eyelash. It is not always a foreign object that falls on the mucous membrane, in most cases, the hair remains under the lower eyelid. First, you need to choose a place with natural light, you also need a mirror and children’s cosmetic sticks.

If the eyelash remains in the mucus, remove it with your fingertip after washing your hands. In cases where the object had time to slide down, gently wrap the eyelid and place a dry cotton swab on a wet eyelash. It will stick easily, you will only remove the object.

Method number 7. Massage and washingHow to get an eyelash out of your eye

When the lash falls under the upper eyelid, it becomes much more difficult to remove. First of all, it is necessary to change the place where the foreign object was fixed. Try blinking, the tab should fall just below.

If blinking didn’t help, close your eyes, and continue the massage. Slide your finger along the upper eyelid in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner part. Repeat steps 5 times, evaluate the result. If the tab doesn’t change its location, all you have to do is wash it.

To do this correctly, follow the basic instructions. To start, take a clean glass, pour boiling water over it and turn it over. When the container is completely dry, pour boiled water at room temperature or saline solution (sold at a pharmacy) into the cavity. The best option is considered a liquid to soak and wash the lenses, but water is also suitable.

Now place the glass on your eye so that you can blink in the liquid. Optionally, the container can be applied horizontally to the face, if the individual characteristics of the face allow. This method removes lashes and other debris, not only from the upper eyelid but also from the lower eyelid.

Method number 8. Eye dropsHow to get an eyelash out of your eye

When the eyelash falls on the mucous membrane, the eyes automatically start to water. Over time, the tears diminish, dryness appears, and the foreign object is not removed. If you have tried all of the above tools and they were unsuccessful, go for radical measures.

 Eye drops

Get a drop at a pharmacy against eye fatigue. Place them according to the instructions, then wait a while. Open your eyes, cilia for the moment change the place of deployment. It will stay under the lower eyelid or it will move towards the mucosa.

Remove the object with cosmetic sticks, paper napkins, or fingertips. After the procedure, try not to strain your eyes for some time.

Practical recommendations

  1. Do not try to pull the tab with the back of a sewing needle. In most cases, such manipulations end with a retinal injury and a subsequent operation.
  2. If you have tried all of the above methods and each was unsuccessful, do not try to do anything else. Lie down to rest with your eyes closed, as practice shows, after sleeping, the eyelash is moved to an accessible place for removal.
  3. Not everyone can pull an eyelash on their own. If it fails, contact the clinic or emergency room. Experts will do the washing, observing hygienic norms and standards.
  4. If, after the procedure, the eyes become red and inflamed, the mucosa is most likely dehydrated. Acquire an artificial tear in a pharmacy, the drug hydrates the eyeball and relieves discomfort.
  5. Don’t ask someone else to remove the lashes from your eyes. As a result of such manipulations, he will often blink, fearing that a friend or girlfriend will do harm. This is a defensive reaction, from which it is very difficult to getaway.
  6. In rare cases, the tab is removed quite simply. Wash off with cold water while keeping your eyes open. If possible, use filtered liquid, it does not cause discomfort.