How to evolve Snom into Frosmoth in Pokémon Sword and Shield

How to evolve Snom
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We present the method to evolve Snom into Frosmoth and we show you where to find him in Pokémon Sword and Shield, now available on Switch.

Not all Pokémon They evolve from level to level. To make some evolve, you have to give them evolutionary stones, while others have particular evolutionary methods. This applies to Snom, who has a special way of becoming Frosmoth. We break it down below, as part of this comprehensive game guide.

How to evolve Snom into Frosmoth

The places where we can capture Snom They are various: route 8, raids and apparently also in route 10. It is not too difficult to find if we go through these points and watch the creatures that appear. As soon as we have Snom on the team, we need to take the following steps and fulfill certain conditions for him to evolve into Frosmoth:

  • Have a high level of friendship: To do this, you have to have him in the team and take him to battle, play with him in the Pokémon camp, take care of him, and others.
  • At night: if we want to evolve we must be with him at night.
  • Download it 1 level: if we meet the previous two conditions and we raise 1 level to Snom, we will evolve it to Frosmoth.

As for the characteristics of Snom and its evolution, Frosmoth, this is the first Ice-type Pokémon – Bug in the saga. It has the skill “Special Ice Flake “, which allows you to halve the damage of special attacks, which is useful in which battles.

On the other hand, we remember that in this full guide you have methods to evolve other Pokémon as Farfetch’d to Sirfetch’d, Milcery to Alcremie, and Yamask to Runerigus. As we move forward in the game, we will add more entries as long as no Pokémon out of the Pokarex Galar’s 400 totals (and does not have a special evolutionary method) run out of relevant explanations.