How to disinfect your hands

How to disinfect your hands
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The hydroalcoholic gel, also known as alcohol-gel or cleaning gel bactericide is an antiseptic used as a preventive measure against pathogens. This is how to disinfect your hands fast.

A fundamental protection measure that should be used as a complement to handwashing with soap and water. It is a disinfectant that is used as a protection measure against influenza and coronavirus, among others.

The main and best-known components of these products are ethyl and isopropyl alcohol and they are usually in concentrations between 60 and 95%. Its method of action, according to professionals, consists mainly of denaturing proteins, both those of viruses and those of bacterial cell membranes.

How to disinfect your handsHow to disinfect your hands

The steps to follow to disinfect hands consist, according to the World Health Organization, of 7 simple steps.

  • Apply the gel on the palm of the hand. Keep in mind that the amount you put in should be used to clean all surfaces.
  • Rub the palm of the right hand with the back of the left hand. Interlacing the fingers together and vice versa.
  • Rub your palms together and interlock your fingers.
  • Rub the back of the fingers of one hand with the palm of the opposite hand, grasping the fingers.
  • Hold and rub the left thumb in rotational motion with the palm of the right hand and vice versa.
  • Rub the tips of the fingers of the right hand against the palm of the left hand, making a rotational movement and vice versa.
  • Let your hands dry and your hands will already be disinfected.

How to disinfect your hands

For the hydroalcoholic gel to be effective it is important to rub your hands with disinfectant gel for 20 – 30 seconds. In this way, according to experts, these disinfectants will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria.

Once the gel has been applied during that period of time, it is important to let it act. And wait for it to absorb and dry before touching any object, otherwise, it will lose its effectiveness.

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