What ho chaps! It’s Biggles in his Spitfire, what!

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In the 1920, 30’s and 40’s one “chap” came to represent the epitome of heroes for boys. This was the famous Biggles. Ace pilot and adventurer the living example of derring do. As the British Empire began to disappear, here was the guy to keep China British, see off the “fuzzie wuzzie’s” (it was not PC) in Africa and make sure that the Indian Raj knew its place, namely subservient to the British crown. There was also a fair amount of retrospective smiting of the Hun as the comic books and novellas played out the World Wars time and time again. He never got confused with Biggleswade Garage door repairs and he had little idea on how to fix them. However if you are in need of that service then try a trip to this website http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/garage-door-repairs-biggleswade/

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Biggles is an axiomatic creation that if he came along now would not get past the planning stage. There are good reasons for this is in that he was a relic of the British Empire which was finished by the time he came along. He was also institutionally racist. He was conceived by W.E Johns as the 17 year old training pilot flying for the RFC in a Sopwith Camel in World War one. You can see why he wanted to get into flying when a Beriot plane lands on his public school cricket pitch. You can’t get more English than that. For white middle class British boys this was perfectly acceptable fare. Biggles is the archetypical hero. A skilled pilot and fighter he always abides by fair play, if it’s against other white people of course.

There is a very upper class playboy feel to the whole thing. The only reason Biggles is able to do what he does is because he has a healthy trust fund and a large stately home to fall back on some day. Not for him the grind of the mill or coal mine. And, as he was supposed to be an escape form those things for schoolboys and their Dads perhaps we can forgive him little bit. Ultimately though he’s an upper-class thug who gets to attack people in a Sopwith Camel or Spitfire. His vernacular is easier and has been lampooned mercilessly by Russ Abbot’s Boggles and Monty Python. Phrases like “Tally-Ho” and “Crikey chaps” or “I say old chaps, looks like we’ve bought it” when he’s about to be killed only to be saved by some Deus Ex Machina. He spends so much time with the chaps some have suggested he’s gay. The reason for this is the distinct lack of hardly any women in the stories. Biggles and his chums Algy and Ginger all seem to be long term companions and steadfast bachelors. Johns was a prodigious writer and wrote Ninety-eight books on the chums. “Tally Ho! Old chap and get yourself a couple of copies toot sweet and we’ll be back in Blighty before the Hun can say (censored).

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