Getting a new Garden ready

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Whilst you may be thinking that with the Spring months upon us its time to open up the windows and do a bit of spring cleaning this also extends to your possibly tatty looking garden. A good-looking garden is a thing of great beauty that you can easily recreate giving you an enormous sense of well being and pushing up your houses value. In fact, recent studies have shown that gardening is very conducive to the development of mindfulness and has been used to help with the treatment of depression and OCD. As you might be treading in lots of mud from outside it may also be a good idea to have the number of a respected Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning company on hand like to make sure that any accidents are dealt with. Let’s focus on that garden though and what needs to be done.

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At first, it’s a problem that seems like a daunting task to get the garden back into shape. It is to a good idea to consider the many, many benefits that you will get by having a nice garden. If you forget the house price factor (although in this day and age that is quite a big thing to remember) the fact that when you are done, you will have a nice open space for you to grow beautiful flowers and shrubs is surely worth all the effort. Don’t forget, you might be able to get some room for some veggies and fruit as well. Wouldn’t Strawberry’s on tap be nice? So, first things first measure up the garden as best you can and then make a plan of what you want and where. Will you put in some raised beds or borders? Do you want to attract bees and wildlife? Will you have Cats in the garden and if so, what plants do you want to keep them safe, do you want a garden that you can plant and forget about which flowers that come back every year. Before you set to tidying and clearing have this plan in the back of your mind so that you know that what you do has meaning and a goal.

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What tools will you need. Here are a few basics;

A Fork. This will be your main weapon when getting those pesky winter weeds up that are starting to find there feet, or roots, after winter.

A Rake. IF the weeds are not too long this might make short work of them. It will also clear up any debris so the soil can see daylight.

A wheelbarrow. Load it up, dump it in a compost bin or a garden waste bag perfect.

A Lawn mower. Get that lawn nice and short ready for the warmer Spring rains. See if you can get some nice lines this time.

Good luck, you can do it!

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