Four Tips For Planning Your Birthday Party

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You’ve got a milestone birthday coming up and what better way to celebrate than a PARTY? Get all your friends and family together, call up a party planner NY and pop the champagne: This will be a night that you don’t want anyone forgetting!

Create A Guest List

Is this the kind of party where you invite everyone you know and encourage them to bring a friend, or is it going to be more intimate and close-knit with only a few friends invited? Figure out who you want there and do a headcount. Knowing how many people to expect will guide you through the rest of your party planning.

Figure Out A Venue

Now that you know how many people will be there, now’s the fun part: Where will you have it? Is your home large enough or will you need to rent out a space to fit everyone? Some considerations might include a bar or restaurant, a local hall or a community center.

Pick A Theme

This is optional, of course, but themed parties are always a popular choice. The best part is that the sky’s the limit: A sports team, movie, luau or Ninja Turtles, you’re sure to have fun when your party has a theme.

Decide On Catering And Booze

Food and alcohol get expensive when you’re paying for a crowd, so get your menu under control. Is it a BYOB party that makes each attendee responsible for their own alcohol? Will you order pizza or have the event catered? Whatever you do, this is why your headcount was so important at the very beginning; oftentimes this is where the bulk of your budget will go.

Happy birthday to you! Make your milestone party a fun and exciting time for everyone. Planning a party takes work and money, but when you’ve thought of every angle there’s nothing for you to worry about but having fun.

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