Easy Forearm Exercises For You

Forearm Exercises
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Working these muscles has many benefits, such as showing them marked, in addition, it allows us to carry out our daily activities without problems: either lifting the weight when we make the purchase, loading our children or carrying several folders in the office. We share some easy forearm exercises for you.

We do not give much importance to these muscles, however, they are very necessary for the day today. Therefore, in the following article, we tell you what are the best exercises for the forearm that you can do at home or the gym.

Forearm exercises, rather than aesthetic

Generally, when we go to the gym we are dedicated to training the shoulders, biceps or triceps; Women also dedicate themselves to legs and buttocks, but we ‘forget’ our forearms. We recommend performing exercises for the forearm, either in the gym or at home, so we present some:

1. Forearm curl with barForearm Exercises

To do this exercise it is advisable to choose the Olympic bar (by weight and length it is perfect). The idea is to maintain balance all the time so that the bar does not move to one of the sides. This stability is responsible for forcing us to make more effort with the forearm since only one is worked at a time. It is one of the easy forearm exercises.

Although at the beginning the bar forearm curl can be something ‘basic’, the truth is that this exercise is essential to start: leave your back straight, take the bar with one hand (wrists out) and flex your elbow until Let the hand touch the shoulder.

2. PlankForearm Exercises

While this exercise is related to the abdominals and buttocks … it is also ideal for the forearms. This is because, together with the tips of the feet, they are the only parts of the body that rest on the ground and support the entire weight.

The objective is that the torso and legs are parallel to the ground and that you maintain the posture for at least 30 seconds to start. Then double to a minute!

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3. Dominated

Another exercise for the forearm is more than effective. You will need enough strength in the arms to support the weight of the body. Therefore if you just start, we recommend that you make the Australian version, with a lower bar.

Hold with both hands and stretch your arms, then leave the body diagonally to the floor with your feet as far as possible from the bar. When flexing the elbows, the torso and legs move away from the floor. The idea is that the head is between both hands when rising.

4. Dumbbell CurlForearm Exercises

In this case, an exercise for the forearm that is performed sitting. But attention, that does not mean that it is not effective or that the area works less. Quite the opposite! At the fifth repetition, you will ask to complete the series at once. It is one of the easy forearm exercises.

Sit on the edge of a bench and rest your right elbow on the thigh of that side. Take the dumbbell (the weight you want) with the doll facing up. Bend your elbow so that the hand touches the shoulder. The movement must be slow and very controlled.

5. Balances

Surely you know the exercise where we hang on a raised bar and keep for as long as our arms support it. In this case, we will make things a little more complicated: you will have to swing back and forth. Of course, you will start slow and then you will give more envy to your movements. You can help yourself by crossing your legs.

6. PushupsForearm Exercises

Finally, another exercise for the forearm that can not be missing in your routine. You will work both at the same time! Surely you know how they are also known as ‘lizards’.

The goal is that all the body weight falls on the hands. Turn on your stomach and stretch your body well. The other point of contact with the ground is the toes. Flex your elbows so that the torso descends. There are different variables that we can execute as we have more training: with one hand, clapping, with kettlebells, etc.

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