How to Fix a Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies? Discover the Reasons

How to Fix a Lawn Mower
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The first step is to know the characteristics or parts of the mower before fixing lawn mower starts then dies. It will depend on the machine model in question: electric motor, gasoline, traction, chassis material, etc. At this point, it is necessary to mention the importance of an adequate choice of the lawnmower. The machine we use adapts to the characteristics of the terrain on which we will mow. With this, we will avoid overstrain to the engine and achieve excellent efficiency or productivity of mowing, without using more time or batches of mowing.

What are the faults of lawn mower starts then dies?

The main faults that usually occur are the following.

Boot issues

The lawn mower starts then dies is usually happened for the spark plug. It is located on the front of the engine. A spark plug wrench will be necessary to be able to unscrew and remove the part. If once clean still does not start, a new one will be necessary.

Tension cable breakage

Due to wear or exposure to the weather, the cable may break. There are spare parts to change it in an authorized workshop, so you can easily replace the cable.

Carburetor Failure

It usually causes starting or operating problems in the engine. A technician with knowledge should manipulate and repair this type of incident.

Wheel bearings

In some cases, the wheels rotate on their axle, while most have bearings. If we notice any difficult problem, it is predictably due to the failure of the bearings. In this case, it is advisable to go to the mechanical workshop accredited by the brand for repair. Keep reading Dyson Vacuum Repairing Tips with Important Tricks

What breakdowns are related to mower maintenance?

In turn, there are other types of breakdowns or incidents related to the maintenance and periodic cleaning of the lawnmowers.

Blade sharpening

When the blades suffer some blow that destabilizes them, the cut they will make is irregular and may even have contraindications for the lawn itself, as a fresh cut does not occur, infections can enter.

Oil change

In the oil change, it is essential that to empty the tank. The machine dump is carried out towards the side of the tank. Otherwise, the oil would flood both the engine and the air filter. The oil will be changed every 25 hours of use, using one type SAE 30. In the case of a new lawnmower, after the first use, the oil will be changed.

Air filter change

It is another fundamental part of engine starting. It is advisable to clean the filter or replace it in the case of paper filters.

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