Five Cost-Effective Camping Strategies

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Camping offers a fantastic opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors and explore the UK on a budget. These simple tips will help your money go further.

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Be Prepared for the Weather

If you plan your trip for a period of dry, warm weather, you’ll find it much easier to spend very little during the days. Countryside hikes, days at the beach and simple picnics all entail minimal outlay yet are not options when the weather is bad. Check out free things, such as museums and galleries in the areas you’re visiting, so you will still have budget options on rainy days.

Travel Light

You won’t need the latest hi-tech camping gear if you’re simply planning a few days at a comfortable campsite, so don’t be tempted to splash out on unnecessary items. As long as your tent is comfortable and secure, you can travel very lightly when camping during the summer months.

If you do need new kit, check out reputable retailers such as the Outdoor Survival Store for quality pieces that will last.

Borrow Equipment

Related to the last point, unless you plan to camp fairly often – i.e. several times a year – it might be better to borrow equipment from friends or family. Ask around and see if anyone has a tent, sleeping mats and other equipment gathering dust in a garage or attic. You can always buy your own equipment later on from retailers such as an Outdoor Survival Store if you’re bitten by the camping bug!

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Plan Your Meals

It’s possible to eat well on a budget if you have a few simple recipes up your sleeve. Whether you are a camping stove expert or are new to cooking outdoors, sites such as BBC Good Food have hundreds of delicious recipes, such as No Oven Pizza and Anytime Eggs.

Take Advantage of Free Campsites

Some campsites can charge a premium, meaning your budget holiday could turn out to be more costly than you expect. While most sites charge nightly fees, there are still plenty of other options. Many sites allow campers to stay free of charge, but you should expect facilities to be limited. If this isn’t a problem for you and you enjoy getting back to basics, searching online databases of free sites can free up your budget for other things.

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