Where does your fashion style come from?

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Everyone has a special look of their own and it doesn’t really seem to be about fashion. What clothes decisions you make and design influences the things you do and want is about how you like the public to view you. It represents the things you love about the world. Without you having to utter a word, your style tells things about you. Apart from the normal media hype, famous designers and social pressure, there are many factors that affect what you wear. This is why it’s a good idea to have some Mens Ralph Lauren Knitwear in your armoury.

Undoubtedly, where you live in the world will impact what you want to wear every day. Verify the temperature! When you live in Alaska, as opposed to Barbados, your style would be markedly different. This influences the requisite must-haves that you may need in the wardrobe over some media hype surrounding the current hip fashion currently doing the rounds. Conversely, if the temperature never falls below 20 degrees Celsius, winter necessities won’t do any good.

What you do in your free time, to a certain degree, would also dictate your look. You’re more likely to wear comfortable clothing when part of this culture if you enjoy skateboarding. If you’re an outdoor sort, you may be attracted to the urban lumberjack look. As part of belonging to a certain group of people who love the same hobbies, you want to project the things you enjoy to other people in society.