6 exercises to improve circulation

exercises to improve circulation
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If you have a sedentary life and do not exercise frequently, these movements can help you improve your condition and avoid problems related to poor circulation

Leading a sedentary life, away from physical exercise and with a poor diet is the first step to harm the body. The way you harm your body with these bad habits affects you in different areas but, especially, causes circulation problems.

When we talk about blood circulation, we mean nothing more and nothing less than the path that blood travels through the body driven by the cardiovascular system. Thanks to this process, all organs and tissues receive the blood and nutrients they need to function properly.

Having good blood circulation is important because, in addition to generating optimal organ performance, it allows you to improve body temperature, decrease wear and tear on the heart and therefore reduce the chances of having a cardiovascular problem. Aesthetically, good circulation is especially useful for showing slender legs and varicose-free legs.

How to improve blood circulation?exercises to improve circulation

There are many ways to achieve good circulation.

For example, it is necessary to improve or rule out certain eating habits in search of this objective. Eliminating the excessive use of salt, increasing water consumption, and avoiding fat-laden meals are the main actions that can be taken in this regard.

Also, habits such as bathing in too hot water or wearing tight clothing can create circulatory problems, so it is best to avoid them.

But, without a doubt, the most efficient recommendations in this regard are those linked to a more active and less sedentary life. Exercise, movement, and massage can greatly improve circulation. Of course, it is important to practice them frequently.

Exercises to improve circulation

Now that you know why it is important to bet on good blood circulation and that you manage the basic tips to achieve it, we want to tell you about some exercises that you can do both at home and in the office.

Do you want good circulation? Practice these 6 simple exercises :

1) Move your feetexercises to improve circulation

Sitting on a chair or sofa, stretch your legs out in front and then start moving your feet to one side and the other. When you spend too much time sitting down, pause, and practice this exercise for 3 minutes.

2) Tips and heels

Standing, alternately lean on the balls of your feet and on your heels. When you go to lean on the tips it will seem that you are looking for something in a cupboard that is too high, that is exactly the idea of ​​the exercise.

3) Walking on tiptoeexercises to improve circulation

You don’t have to do it like a ballet dancer, or it’s perfect. You only have to walk a few meters on the balls of your feet and do it for at least one minute to achieve better circulation in the legs and feet.

4) Feet to heaven

When we can take a break from study or work we generally resort to lying down. This is always a good idea, but it will be even more so if we complete this position by raising our legs to the sky and keeping them in this way for a few minutes.

5) Bicycleexercises to improve circulation

Riding a bicycle is one of the best activities to stimulate circulation, but since it is not always possible, you can imitate exercise indoors and get similar results.

Lie down on the floor, raise your legs and start moving them as if you were going to take a bike tour. The relief you will feel will be instantaneous, but you will also guarantee better circulation in the future.

6) Leg separation

Lie on the floor facing the ceiling, straighten your legs, raise them a few inches off the floor and spread them apart a bit, then bring them together and repeat the process about 50 times.

With this simple exercise, you will make the blood circulate better and avoid the formation of the annoying varicose veins and spider veins.

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