Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Signs Your Ex Boyfriend
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You’ve gone through a tough breakup, but that’s okay. Luckily, you managed to find breakup advice that has you on the road to reconciliation. There’s only one problem– how can you detect signs your ex boyfriend wants you back? Without being able to pick up on whether he really wants to be with you again, it’s hard to know whether you’re wasting your time or not.

Fortunately, there are a couple of big signs you can rely on to let you know.

1)      He asks your mutual friends about you.

That’s a sign that he wants to know what you’re up to, but is too nervous or proud to find out himself. This is also true if he ends up stalking your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking accounts.

2)      He contacts you just to talk.

After a breakup, it’s almost unavoidable that your ex will have to contact you to figure out how to split up your mutual possessions and other things of that nature. If he calls, texts, instant messages, or e-mails you just to talk, it might be a sign he misses you and wants you back.

3)      He contacts you over trivial things.

Even if he doesn’t just want to talk, he may contact you to talk about returning minor, replaceable belongings, or to work out other insignificant details. This is a sign that he’s using this minutia as an excuse to speak to you again, and one of the strongest signs your ex boyfriend wants you back.

4)      When you talk, he indulges in the same flirting techniques he used before you started dating.

There are a lot of subconscious signals that people give off when they flirt, which are totally beyond their control. For example, mimicking a conversational partner’s stance or hand gestures is a sign that someone is very into the conversation they’re having. Some other people may show nervous behavior, like fidgeting or giggling.

5)      He notices any minor changes about you when he sees you.

These include things like haircuts, different makeup, or new clothes, which most guys tend not to pick up on normally. If your ex notices this and mentions it, it’s because he’s paying attention.

6)      He touches you during a conversation.

Even if it’s just resting a hand on your arm or hand now and then, minor touches are another sign of flirtation, and maybe one of the signs your ex boyfriend wants you back.

7)      He still wants to keep the plans he made with you prior to your breakup.

If you had a trip, party, or other event planned and he still wants to keep it, that’s one of the biggest signs your ex boyfriend wants you back. It shows that he doesn’t take the breakup as seriously as he would if he intended it to be permanent.

Every man is different, so signs your ex boyfriend wants you back might differ a little from the ones on this list. As a general rule, look for the kind of behavior he exhibited when he was still wooing you. It shows that he’s interested in making you his girlfriend, just like he did back then.

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