Are you evolving with your Office design ?

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When it comes to designing an office space there’s a lot more to consider than where the vending machine will go.

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As reported in Forbes, factors such as office layout, arrangement and task-specific workstations all play a big part in how productive an office will be. As such, experts are constantly researching and promoting new trends in office design in order to help companies get the most from their staff.

Collaborative Space

Inc claims that open plan offices are ‘insanely stupid’ causing everything from political turmoil to employee sickness. However other studies argue that allowing staff to work alongside each other creates energy and an office ‘buzz’. One upcoming trend is the ‘wagon train formation’ where employees all have computer desks around a large conference table, enabling them to work independently while sharing ideas simultaneously.


Clearly employees will also require privacy to concentrate or make confidential phone calls. Cue the private enclave – smaller than an office but still big enough to give each employee a private area with a door. Experts claim that by reducing each employee’s workstation by 1ft this would be an achievable alternative for personal privacy in an open plan office.

Use Space Well

Use the space that you have wisely. Give priority to those who spend the majority of their time in the office rather than those who are out and about. With workstations becoming smaller it is also important that employees are encouraged to reduce clutter and only keep the things they need to hand.

Task Specific

Arrange your office layout to reflect the needs of your staff. For example you may have solo, sedentary workers who need to work alone. You may also have staff who need to regularly communicate with one another to resolve their work issues. This type of interaction needs to be considered when purchasing furniture and seating like the Operator Chairs the staff will want to sit on from companies like


In recent years the amount of drywall in office spaces has reduced. Less staff are concealed behind doors and walls. Not only does this lower construction costs but it encourages more light to come into the building which is integral for office morale, health and productivity. Looking to the future, experts are predicting that technology will be built into the infrastructure to power furniture, lighting and computers.

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