Easy yoga poses for kids

Easy yoga poses for kids
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The practice of yoga in children is very important as is that of adults, because it brings multiple benefits for both physical and mental health, improving self-esteem and confidence. In addition, it is a magnificent physical exercise for your children, which helps them obtain greater strength, balance, and flexibility. We share some easy yoga poses for kids.

In the same way, yoga is a discipline that helps your children to relax and stay focused, helping them to live more calmly, orienting them to be adults with positive and responsible attitudes. Therefore, we know that yoga for children is very important, and in this post. We will talk about 8 simple and fun yoga poses that you can do with your children.

The 8 best Easy yoga poses for kids

Your child will enjoy the practice of yoga more if you make it more fun, applying different dynamics in the class such as placing stimulating songs, dances and positions, where they can be performed from the comfort of your home or outside and enjoy the air pure from nature. Here are the 8 best yoga positions for children :

Tree poseEasy yoga poses for kids

To apply the posture of the tree the child must stand upright and straight, then he has to lift the sole of the left foot towards the inside of the right leg, putting it on the thigh or knee, then he will have to raise his arms by passing them over your head and put your hands together. It is one of the easy yoga poses for kids.

You have to hold that position for about 30 seconds, then repeat the whole process with your right leg. This posture is ideal for the child to learn to maintain the balance of his body.

Dog pose

This position can be quite fun, where the child has to stretch his body, placing his hands on the ground, while holding the soles of his feet attached to the ground, and then carrying his head between his arms.

This posture should be held for approximately 1 minute, then rise slightly. It is beneficial because it strengthens arms, legs, and abdomen, in addition to stretching the entire body.

Candle posture

This posture is a bit more complex, where the child should lie on the floor or carpet, then bend the legs to the chest and raise them by placing the legs as straight as possible, keeping that position supported with the shoulders to the floor and with the forearms and hands hold back. It is one of the easy yoga poses for kids.

You should keep this posture for about 30 seconds to about 1 minute, then slowly lower your legs, to avoid a bad blow. Among its benefits is that it stretches the spine and helps strengthen the abdominals. In addition to having the feet raised benefits the blood circulation.

Warrior Pose

In this posture, the child has to stretch one leg forward, flexing it slightly, while the other, keep it fully stretched. Then have to raise the arms and keep them straight at the chin, then do the entire exercise with the next leg.
This warrior position must be maintained for approximately 1 minute. This exercise is beneficial because it helps increase concentration and balance, in turn, strengthens the quadriceps muscles.

Cobra Pose

This is one of the most popular postures, where the child should lie on his stomach and then with his hands on the floor stretch his arms, raising his chest, without straining his back too much, the head has to carry it back having the optical vision towards up and legs keep them straight.
The child should maintain a cobra position for about 30 seconds to about 1 minute. Using this posture benefits the spine, helping to avoid back or lumbar problems, it also strengthens the arms and hands.

Triangle position

In this position the child must stand and separate the legs making a triangle shape, then he has to place the left foot inward and rotate the right foot outward, then raise the arms in a cross shape and lean to the right side reaching to touch the ankle with the hand. It is one of the easy yoga poses for kids.

This position should be held for approximately 1 minute and the exercise should be performed in the same way on the opposite side. With this posture, the child will obtain greater balance. And strengthens the muscles of the legs and the abdominal area on the sides.

Wheel posture

With this position, the child will feel like a wheel, where he first has to lie on his back on the floor or on a carpet. Then with his hands and legs slowly lift the abdominal area.

The wheel posture must be maintained for approximately 30 seconds. This exercise provides greater spinal elasticity, in addition to strengthening your child’s arms and legs.

Bow Pose

This is another very simple posture to perform, where the child only has to lie face down on the floor or on a carpet and then grab the legs at the level of the ankles with the hands to stretch inwards.


We want to emphasize that yoga for children has many benefits and is important in both physical. And mental health, offering a healthier life, with energy and with much harmony.

Practicing these yoga poses with your children will help them acquire certain skills and abilities. And they can also share a pleasant moment on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, where they will be united with a greater affection.

We hope that the information we have provided in this article will be very helpful. And you can share with your child these different and simple yoga positions for children. We invite you to tell us what is your favorite position to practice with your child.

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