Downhill skiing is craziness on planks

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I’ve never been a one skiing.  The thought of flying down a mountainside at God knows what speed fills me with such dread that you’d have to strap and superglue me to the skis.  It’s not just the fact that there are trees to hit, rocks to smash into and cliff faces to happily fly off it’s also the ski clobber.  The lycra stuff is pretty unforgiving and the weird shell suits make me really think I would be better off at an acid house party in the early 1990s there are other and safer ways to go that fast surely.

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It can’t be good for you going that fast.  It’s not like you have a steering wheel.  You are the steering wheel!  The power that is needed in your knees legs and stomach are immense.  You feel like you’ve had a full body workout.  And it would seem research agrees.  The twisting and turning, even at the lower speeds, means us normal mortals would get a good work being carried down the nursery slopes.  Your hamstrings, calves and glutes are getting a right hammering.  Let’s not forget about the knees.  You have to be in a perpetual state of squatting as you constantly get buffeted everywhere. You can imagine the fun and frolics when you go over the mogul’s, divots and knobbly bits. Knees wear out and the more fatigue you feel all the more you use them to correct yourself.  Whatever the situations require they are not going to be good for you.  They can also mean that you’re more likely to lose control and crashed causing more serious injuries.  As with many sports or exercise the harder you push the better the benefits can be as long as you’re careful.  There’s plenty of evidence that skiing is good for your internal organs to.  The fresh mountain is good for the lungs and said to be great for your blood, your blood pressure and arteries. So why throw yourself down the hill on two, or one if your boarding, plastic plates.

It’s also one of those sports where you work hard for several minutes and rest, then work, and then rest again.  This interval training has huge health benefits.  Add the whole experience of the environment and its natural beauty and you’ve got a winning combination.  It explains the happy smiling faces as you stagger into the ski lodge looking forward to a glass of Gluhwein, you boots are finally off and you’ve slipped into a pair of Mens Rieker Shoes that you’d got from

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I’m still a bit sceptical.  I’d much rather go for a nice walk in the mountains and down again on the good old Mountain trails provided.  I’ll work those cardiovascular muscles and get that fresh air in your lungs. There’s less chance of smashing your head in as you connect with a tree.  It may not get the adrenalin pumping but at least you can take in the scenery rather than flying past as it flashes by at 60 miles per hour.

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