Digital Signage…Where Is It Headed?

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Marketing strategies vary vastly from company to company and incorporate the elements most suited to the business itself and the sector it sits in. Many organisations use a mix of marketing activities. For many, digital display signage is now a key element of their marketing plan. But what does the future hold for this rapidly growing industry?

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What Is Digital Signage?

In short, this type of signage uses technology like LCD, projection and LED to display images on large screens. These screens are usually placed in very public areas such as train stations, stadiums and retail stores to grab the attention of passers-by.
Because they’re used to promote sales and marketing messages, the higher the footfall in a location, the more expensive the real estate or cost of advertising on them becomes. But it is this large-volume footfall that makes them very attractive to advertisers.

Nowadays they’re generally controlled remotely and can be updated in real time. If you’re looking for digital display signage for your business, companies like can help.

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What Does the Future Hold for Digital Display Signage?

Well into the future, it is conceivable that display signage could harness similar technologies used to make Amazon Go work, such as, AI, cameras and sensors, to create a highly personalised experience for each customer. According to an article by Internet Retailing, the use of these technologies to create a shopping experience without the hassle of the checkout queue will fundamentally change the future of in store shopping.

In the shorter term, it’s more realistic that the display technology itself will improve considerably, with most screens being UltraHD to give an exceptional viewing experience while also allowing for a greatly enhanced touch screen experience where it’s appropriate. It is believed that a higher level of interactivity increases viewing times and thus sales.

The technology that manages the content on digital displays will also see improvements over the coming year, particularly in the area of security – a great cause of concern for many media buyers.

It’s likely that projection will also be used more widely to display promotional messages in unusual spaces where it hasn’t always been possible previously. This technology has improved significantly over the past few years and can now rival flat-screen LCD in its quality.

So the future looks bright for digital display signage.

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