Different Types of Wedding Ceremonies

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You might think the only difference between wedding ceremonies is whether they are religious or civil. However, there are more options available. Here are some different types of ceremony for you to consider:


For those couples who have faith as central to their lives, it’s likely that this will form a large part of their desired wedding ceremony. For less common faiths, it might be necessary to check if a civil ceremony is also required to make the marriage legal. It is common for most faiths to require a couple attend pre-marital sessions or religious ceremonies before the wedding takes place. Attendance at regular services might also be a requirement for a set time before a wedding can be booked.

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Couples coming from different faiths have an option of choosing an interfaith ceremony as opposed to picking one religious place of worship for the ceremony. A specialist celebrant can help with planning the event in just a way that perfectly reflects both your religions or cultural practices. Whatever ceremony you decide on, be sure to hold your celebrations in a top Hotel Wedding Venue in Gloucester like hatton-court.co.uk/gloucester-cotswolds-weddings


This kind of ceremony makes reference to God and spirituality but won’t allude to any one specific God or religion. As well as being ideal for couples of different faiths, this is also a great option for couples who have a level of spirituality but don’t belong to one particular church or religion.

Civil Ceremony

This type of ceremony is completely non-religious and is normally conducted by a registrar in a registry office or city or town hall. These services can also be held in any premises that is licensed to conduct weddings in a civil ceremony format. There is usually scope for a certain amount of personalisation of the service, with readings and music for example, as long as nothing is religious.


Humanism has enjoyed a surge in popularity recently and can be explained by stating it’s the belief everyone can be a good and caring member of society without having to follow any strict religious guidelines. It places the focus on the strong moral codes of society and believes in the power of people, not a divine being. This type of ceremony is becoming more popular, with couples able to focus entirely on their relationship and truly personalise every aspect of the event.

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Same Sex Marriages

Changes to the law now means same-sex couples can legally register their relationship in a civil partnership. This gives the couple legal rights, responsibilities to one another and proper recognition.

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