Different Types of Photography

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Now we have smart phones, snapping photos has become second nature for most of us. We can take high-quality images at the click of a button so that photos have become more about utility and perhaps less about artistry for most people. Fortunately, this hasn’t spelt the end for professional photography as we still desire the work of those who can capture special moments in a way most of us can’t. Technology has expanded many visual possibilities so it’s now easier than ever to capture incredible images we could never have dreamed of. Here are some of the very different genres of photography:

Aerial Photography

Some of the most stunning images we see are the result of aerial photography. Since photography was invented in 1839, man has longed to capture images of the Earth from up above. Since 1958 when a camera was tied to a balloon, to the advanced images captured today by drones, aerial photography can show us amazing sights we would never otherwise see or be able to access.

Black and White Photography

Keeping the old traditions alive, modern black and white photography offers a stylish and elegant take on the world around us. We don’t need black and white pictures, but we choose them because they offer a timeless look, add drama and create more contrast than normal colour shots. If you want to create a dramatic, eye-catching statement, then you’ll do it in style with black and white.

Food Photography

 This is a very popular trend on social media – taking pictures of the food you’ve prepared. Professional photography can create incredibly mouth-watering, delicious pictures by applying some clever techniques to show the food in its best light. Good lighting, quality props and speed will guarantee the food looks good enough to eat!

Wedding Photography

During our lives, this is one of the most important occasions that we hire a photographer for. For a professional Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, visit http://www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk/ Most couples will opt for traditional portrait styles to capture their special day, but some are a little more adventurous. Underwater shoots, posing on mountain peaks and even including wild animals! They take the occasion from capturing a moment to creating a photographic work of art. Whatever ideas you have for your big day, be sure to discuss them with your photographer.

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Macro Photography

This is the method of photography very tiny objects to make them appear larger than they are. For example, nature photography often employs this technique to capture plants, flowers and tiny insects. The incredible colours and patterns of insects can be magnified, enabling to see all the fine details we cannot see with the naked eye.

Interior Photography

Any readers of home magazines will have seen the fine examples of beautiful interiors shot by a photographer. These professionals can create truly awe-inspiring images of almost any type of interior space. Whether it’s a small apartment or a grand opera house, with the right lighting, angles and composition, these spaces are transformed into glorious detail.

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