The different areas of Alicante

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Situated in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, the port city of Alicante is a place where visitors can experience many tourist attractions at reasonable prices. If you are looking for the best area to stay in Alicante, the first thing you should know is that this is a favourite destination for many Spanish tourists, especially those who are travelling from Madrid.

Before deciding where to stay in Alicante, it’s a good idea to learn what you can expect when you visit:

* White and golden sandy beaches.

* Pulsating nightlife district.

* Medieval castle.

* Ruins dating back to Roman times.

* Museums and venues for cultural performances.

* Outstanding architecture.

* Nice beachfront hotels.

* Delicious cuisine at very affordable prices.

* Offshore fishing.

* Rural lodges and ecotourism.

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Here are some of the areas in Alicante where you will surely enjoy your stay:

  1. El Centro

Located only 15 minutes from the airport, El Centro is one of the most visited areas and one of the best places to stay in Alicante. Bus services are often provided by line C6, and one-way trips cost less than $ 6 in 2019.

If you are lucky enough to arrive in early June, you’ll get to experience Les Fogueres, a month-long celebration of San Juan, the patron saint of the city. Seeing a parade is highly recommended because they combine celebration, religion and patriotic tradition. The fun street parties feature local cooking, fireworks and even beauty contests.  The beach can be reached on foot, by taxi, or by tram. Despite the neo-classical architecture and Moorish influences of El Centro evoking a historical feel, you will discover many modern conveniences nearby. In addition to various museums, theatres, seafood and tapas bars, you can also enjoy a walking tour of the most labyrinth neighbourhoods in Alicante.

  1. Postiguet Beach

With only a small number of beaches in Alicante, the most well-known is Postiguet and it’s become a firm favourite as a beach resort for Spanish visitors. During the ‘60s and ‘70s, this beach emerged as a vibrant resort located just minutes from both the main train terminal and international airport.

Staying at one of the hotels developed during the Golden Age of tourism in Alicante is a special treat because it has been carefully maintained to preserve the authentic atmosphere, which is quite elegant and family friendly. Most importantly, however, this is where you can enter a tunnel, take an elevator and be miraculously transported to Santa Barbara Castle and its impressive fortress. Travel to Alicante with Irish Airports like

  1. Cape Huertas – Almadraba Beach

About a 15-minute journey east from the El Centro area, Cap de l’Horta is an area of Alicante where beaches have a more organic and natural vibe because they have not experienced excessive development. This is a family-friendly beach town that attracts tourists who are interested in ecotourism. Prices are more reasonable than Postiguet, and the beaches are less crowded. Beach sand is darker and rich in nutrients due to ocean erosion, which makes it easier to build sandcastles! The stretch of sand and narrow reef that extends to the ocean is perfect for hiking, and the Nautical Sports Club provides ample opportunities for offshore fishing, windsurfing, rowing, sailing, and sea charter tours.

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  1. Albufereta Beach

Whereas Spanish families from Madrid prefer to spend their beach days at Postiguet, Albufereta is a place where local Alicante residents gather on weekends. The beach area is smaller, but its fine golden sand makes it very attractive and relaxing. This is the Blue Flag beach, which means it is very clean and environmentally friendly despite being completely curved.

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