Decorating mistakes everyone makes

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We have all wondered why a decorated room doesn’t look right, not realising that we have made a huge decorating mistake.

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Hanging wall art too high

The average human eye level is 150cm from the ground, so any photos or wall art higher than this will look odd, especially in a small room.

Flat cushions

If your cushions squish down to a pancake after a few weeks, invest in feather cushions instead of polyester inserts. Polyester fillings have the tendency to weaken and stay squished together, whereas feather cushions – and pillows – will stay plump.

No tables in your lounge

Having to leave mugs on the floor by your feet is asking for an accident, especially if guests are prone to dropping things on your new waterproof laminate flooring from a specialist such as Even the smallest of rooms has space for a side table.

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Rugs that are just too small

We are all guilty of having a rug that covers a tiny part of the room and is not much use for warming your feet. Before buying a rug, measure the space and go for the biggest rug that will fit. Many rug companies have standard sizes.

Not caring about the space

As families grow and change, homes often don’t get the attention they deserve, especially with busy families. It doesn’t have to be an expensive venture to make a room feel new; for example, smart furniture choices can last a lifetime.

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