Come to the isle of Aran.

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Located out in Galway bay, guarding it’s approaches sits the magically isles of Aran. These rugged three sisters are all that stands between the Atlantic ocean and the mainland beyond. They are some of the most amazing places to visit in Ireland famed for their rocky roughness, friendly locals and breathtaking scenery.

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The Three sisters are Inishmore, Inishmaan, the largest, and Inshier, the smallest. The island retains a strong link to the past with their maintenance of the old Irish language. Many see English as their second and there are many attempts to keep the old ways alive.

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It was the great Enda of Aran who put the place on the map. Enda recognised the beauty of the place and he set about building a monastery there. It offered the perfect place for the monks to settle as it had peace, safety and tranquility that could not be matched. In our modern times you‘ll more likely see rock climbers, bird watchers and the fans of the show Father Ted on a pilgrimage to see scenes where the cult sitcom was filmed. It is both a lively and quiet place full of colour and contrast.