5 Christmas horror movies

Christmas horror movies
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Best Christmas horror movies. Christmas a time to celebrate, reflect on the year that ends, but it also does not have to be just to watch romantic movies or comedies but you can see one of the favorite genres of many: Terror, since during these dates many tapes of This style is themed in the framework of a terrifying Christmas.

We have selected 5 Christmas horror movies:

1. ” The Children” (2008)Christmas horror movies

A British film directed by Tom Shankland and starring Eva Birthistle, known from Irish cinema, and Hannah Tointon, best known for having played Katie Fox in the series ” Hollyoaks” (1995). It is one of the best Christmas horror movies.

A quiet family Christmas vacation will become a nightmare when children begin to change their attitude towards their parents and develop strange skills.

Who said there are no evil children? And who can kill a child? It can be associated with “The Prophecy” (1976) or “The Corn Boys” (1974). An interesting argument, although it is not original, it is entertaining, the tension it generates is really good. The story is simple, straightforward and without turns. You can have your little things that do not make THE movie, but all its deployment makes a really disturbing experience.

2. “Dead End: Shortcut to Hell” (2004)

A French film directed and scripted by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and Fabrice Canepa.

It’s Christmas Eve. Frank Harrington drives his wife and children to his in-laws’ house to celebrate Christmas together. But this year Frank decides for the first time to take a shortcut there, not knowing that he is about to make the worst mistake of his life. A mysterious woman dressed in white emerges from the forest to sow death in her wake. Road signs indicate the direction of a city that cannot be reached. With every endless kilometer they travel, an uncontrollable feeling of horror takes over the Harringtons, who in their despair can only think of one thing: get off that road. The nightmare has begun. It is one of the best Christmas horror movies.

A title is not so well known but worth seeing, ” Dead End” is the black portrait as the night of an ordinary family that is wrapped in a nightmare from which they can not escape. A story as fun as wild, capable of destroying anyone’s nerves, an intelligent, absurd and very black humor. To have a good time is highly recommended.

3. – “Christmas story” (2005)Christmas horror movies

A Spanish film directed by Paco Plaza, included in “Movies to not sleep”,  a Spanish television series, directed by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and broadcast from 1966 on Spanish Television.

During Christmas 1985, five friends who live in a summer town on the Costa Brava meet after school in the works of urbanization and talk about their favorite television series. But, now, what attracts them is news from the news about a thief who has fled from prison and who, according to police, lurks around the region.

It is close to the line presented in “Tales from the Crypt”. Entertaining and interesting Christmas fable that will make you have a good time. Plaza honors the low-budget Italian horror films with ingenuity and skill, is well directed, well interpreted and has an eighties atmosphere for nostalgia. Use the horror classics as a base during the second part of the footage with relative success.

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4.- “The level of panic” (2007)

Directed by Franck Khalfoun, starring Wes Bentley (“The Hunger Games”).

It’s Christmas Eve and Angela (Rachel Nichols) is late for work. When you arrive at the parking lot of your office, the car does not start and the doors are closed. In the building, only she and Thomas (Wes Bentley), the parking attendant, propose to have dinner with him. She rejects the proposal and tries to get out to take a taxi, but before arriving outside. Someone assails her by surprise and sleeps her with chloroform. When she wakes up, she is chained to a table and dressed for a terrifying Christmas Eve dinner. It is one of the best Christmas horror movies.

A film that catches, although the plot is very simple and in turn very predictable, is very entertaining because it does not have many more pretensions to hang out, but it is very well achieved with few elements and characters, generates terror and suspense, not to mention Bentley’s psychopath, worthy of applauding. A macabre Christmas story ideal to watch.

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5.- “Krampus: The terror of Christmas” (2015)Christmas horror movies

A horror movie with comic touches inspired by the legend of Krampus. The film is directed by Michael Doughertyrror.

The spirit of Christmas symbolizes family union and generosity, but when Max (Emjay Anthony) sees his family cracking, he loses faith in these values. This will awaken the wrath of Krampus, a mythological being that stalks the child. And his relatives to torment the parties and make them live hell. To face the Krampus and save his life, Max and his people will have to put aside their differences and join forces against the monster.

We meet a demonic creature that appears at Christmas, where there is a bit of black humor and sadism; a low-budget tape well set, irregular in some of its parts. Like a classic Disney fairy tales deformed and extreme, delirium is appreciated this time. Inspired by a history of German-speaking pre-Christian Alpine folklore. It is not a film that leaves the feeling of wasting time, a bizarre mixture of comedy and horror.

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