How to choose a cold room

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A cold room is a useful asset for any commercial food business or home. They are a superbly flexible and efficient method of maintaining produce at a low temperature and provide you with the ability to store larger volumes of foods at cold temperatures, which allows you to both purchase and prepare in bulk. This is the most cost-effective way of buying and preparing food and will save you money. Cold rooms provide ample space for you to organise your produce so that you can easily access it when you need to.

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The mechanism of a cold room is similar to that of a refrigerator. A refrigerating unit lowers the temperature, which is controlled by a thermostat. Air is cooled by circulating chemicals and blown into the cold room.

The insulation of commercial cold rooms is of a very high standard, with the walls, floor and ceiling all highly insulated.

Choosing the right cold room for you

The main criteria you have to consider is the temperature that you need certain foods to be stored at. According to the Food Standards Authority, some foods must be kept at colder temperatures. As a food business, you will be breaking the law if you do not do this and risk prosecution.

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To store food between 0°C and +18°C, a chiller or ambient cold room is the best option; if you need to freeze food, a freezer room that can operate between 0°C and -40°C is a better option.

Think about the purpose of the cold room

When you purchase a cold room from a supplier such as, you need to think about exactly what you will be using it for in your business or home. You will also want to cause minimum disruption to your day-to-day activities and will need a seamless transfer.

If you are operating a food or pharmaceutical business, you will have to comply with laws and regulations relating to cross contamination and hygiene. The internal surfaces are required, by law, to be easy to clean and easy to maintain.

If you need a cold room for an agricultural or chemical processing setting, you will find that durability is a major consideration. The cold room will need to be robust enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear from heavy usage.

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