Choosing a kitchen light fixture

kitchen light fixture
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We often refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home and it’s more than just a place where we sit and eat a meal. The room can also double up as a place for homework or hobbies. Because of these different functions, the kitchen requires flexible and versatile lighting. A lighting fixture must fit in both terms of style and the amount of light needed.

Here are some things to consider:

The design of the kitchen

The existing design of the room must be taken into consideration. Whether it’s a complete renovation or an update of the existing design, the elements of the old or new design will impact the size, type and number of light fittings that are able to be installed.

kitchen light fixture

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The size of the room will have an impact on the size of your light fittings and how many you can install.

Light Levels

The amount of the natural and artificial lighting already in the room will also impact the amount and type of fittings required.

Existing number and type of fixtures

This won’t apply if the room is to be completely renovated but for redecorations, there will be a restriction on where fittings can be installed and whether the style will match whatever items are being kept.


The layout of the room will have an impact on where fixtures can be placed and the style of the fixture, especially if it’s an open plan design that connects to other rooms in the home.

When choosing the right light for a kitchen, if all the above points have been settled, it’s important to keep an image of the kitchen’s design in the mind’s eye when looking for lighting. Consider how each fixture will look in situ and what each design will bring to the room. It’s important to pay particular attention to factors like aesthetics, position and size and the mood created by a specific design. Don’t forget the Ceiling Roses either which can be found at a site like

kitchen light fixture

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Options include wall or ceiling mounted fixtures, suspended pieces such as pendant lights or mounted spotlights that sit flush with the ceiling. Stationary lighting includes things like table or recessed lamps, floor standing fixtures or lighting that is concealed on, in or under kitchen furniture.

Materials and finishes are also important considerations. Choices include wood, glass, metal, plastic, fabric or even concrete. Exposed bulbs or bulbs that sit behind a shelter or shade. Will the fixture be opaque or sheer? Does the fitting need to be neutral or will it make a statement and be bold and colourful? Glossy, matte or iridescent are further options available in terms of both the light fitting itself and the ceiling rose surround.

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