12 tips before buying a wedding dress

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This is one of the first tasks of the brides that are going to get married and that we advise choosing between 8 and 7 months before the wedding. There is a lot of emotion at this moment, since it is the dress that you are going to wear the most important day of your life, although also from experience we know that it can generate stress, tension, nerves, because in many occasions there are a variety of opinions of your mothers, friends, and family. We share some tips before buying a wedding dress.

Precisely to make this path easier, we want to give you these valuable tips before you make the decision and choose your wedding dress.

The best tips before buying a wedding dress

1. Set your budgetbuying a wedding dress

It is important that you know your budget limit before going to the wedding dress boutique. That way, you save yourself looking forward to a dress that is not within your reach and then leaves empty-handed, and the store manager will show you only those that are within your budget. Remember that in the budget you must also include accessories (veils, jewelry …), shoes and arrangements.

2. Start looking for it soon

It is important that after having the date and location you start with the search for your dress. If you choose for example a designer, it will take between 4 or 5 months to have it ready, and you will have at least 3 dress tests throughout the process, the last one being a month before the wedding.

3. It facilitates the searchbuying a wedding dress

We always advise our brides to make a board on Pinterest, or cut magazines of the dress models they like, the color … that way you will facilitate the work of the person who will help you in choosing the dress

4. Keep your wedding location in mind

Choosing a dress with a lot of volume and weight at the bottom can be uncomfortable for example if you get married on the beach, also if the place chosen is a farm with a rustic or bohemian decoration style you should influence when choosing the style of your dress that should not be the same as if you decided to get married in an elegant city hotel. The location we believe is an important element to consider, so we recommend that you do not buy the dress before defining the venue. It is one of the best tips before buying a wedding dress.

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5. Know your silhouettebuying a wedding dress

Trying a style and design of dress that does not favor your silhouette can discourage you. The models that we see in the magazines may seem wonderful but you always have to take into account the necklines and dress silhouette that best suits your figure to get it right.

6. Limit the company you will have in the dress test

In the television programs, we see that the brides are accompanied by a large group of people to the dress test, which makes the choice difficult because of the variety of opinions. So in this senseless is more. We advise you to take two people to the test, your mother and your best friend for example. And if you still would like the rest of your friends or family to enjoy that moment, you can take them to the final test of the dress to be surprised. It is one of the best tips before buying a wedding dress.

7. Get ready before the test

It is important that you go well combed and with some makeup to the dress test because you will look much more favored, as well as prepared with underwear for the occasion (a strapless bra and nude panties). Also if you have items that you want to wear as a veil or some special jewel, you must wear it that day

8. You must have an open mind

Even if you go with a style or model in mind, it is important that you are open to suggestions from experts. Maybe that dress on the hanger doesn’t get your attention but then you try it on and you get a huge surprise because it looks spectacular on you. So we advise you to also let yourself be advised, you may be surprised.

9. Don’t worry about the sizebuying a wedding dress

In the bridal fashion, the sizes are very different from the conventional ones so do not worry if you see that you are wearing a size larger than normal and do not make the mistake of buying a very tight dress thinking that you will lose weight in the following months, because it does not happen So. It is one of the best tips before buying a wedding dress.

10. Move while you try on the dresses

You should walk through the store, sit down, even if you dare to dance a little because that’s what you will do on your wedding day and you have to feel comfortable in the dress you choose

11. Don’t be afraid to say yes to the first dress you try on

Many brides are surprised when they find their dress on the first test, but this is how it works when you see it and you know what the dress is, you just know it, trust your instinct. Sometimes in television programs, we see how 10 and 12 dresses are tested and that what it does is complicate things and even end up exhausted in the decision process.

So if you enter the store knowing your budget and your tastes and find the dress at first, do not think twice.

12. Read the fine print

A good saleswoman or manager will review all the details with you: the price, color, name of the model and brand, the delivery date, the deposit, the cost of the arrangement, the cancellation policy. As for the deposit, normal and what you must accept is 50%. It is also important that you know the final price including taxes, as it varies considerably.

We hope that these tips are useful and take them into account if you are going to start looking for your dress and we wish you good luck at this moment, because we know that it is one of the moments of the process that makes all the brides more excited, which It is logical, because that day all eyes will be on you. So take note of what we have told you and say yes to your dress.

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