Black soap: charcoal soap excellent for asphyxiated skin

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Black Soap is a line of natural face products based on activated charcoal, produced with the artisanal method.

I’ve always wanted to test the products of this line because I’ve heard about them very often on the Web and so some time ago I decided and I started to try them.

The main function of any product with activated charcoal is deep purification of the pores and disposal of black spots. Additional ingredients smooth out the effect of this medication and bring to your mask your notes – nourish, moisturize, soothe, rejuvenate, etc.

Activated charcoal is an organic ingredient that is very good for the skin. It is extremely purifying, helps the skin to expel all the toxins and frees the pores in depth. Its delicate exfoliating action (also suitable for sensitive skin) is excellent for renewing the skin color by removing dead cells. The anti-bacterial properties finally counteract imperfections and remove blackheads, comedones, pimples.

You know that my skin is asphyxiated. Now that I have two children, a job that fully commits me and some trouble with family health, I do not have much more time to dedicate to my skin-care. And so the skin has begun to make a tantrum: the night is super dry, but at the same time manages to form imperfections, pimples and redness. Since I discovered the black soap, my skin has started to renew itself considerably.

Black soap review

Cleaning with this soap is something extraordinary. I have never found any other cleanser that alone can magnify three functions beautifully: purifying, moisturizing and anti-redness. The purifying cleansers often on my asphyxiated skin are too much degreasing and tend to dry and dry up the skin surface even more. The cleansers in milk / cream (which I adore) are not always suitable because in certain periods when my skin is more impure they are excessively moisturizing and do not thoroughly clean as they should. Not to mention the fact that delicate skin hardly finds a suitable detergent and in this period I have a skin that is very easily reddened. With the charcoal Black Soap I’m finding it very well because it manages to purify without dehydrating the skin.

Thanks to the absorbing properties of activated charcoal, it is perfectly suitable for cleaning pores. In addition to blackheads, coal cleanses the skin of all kinds of contaminants that accumulate on its surface. It acts deeply, but gently, without injuring the epidermis.

If you have an asphyxiated or problematic skin, try it and let me know!

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