Black Planters for Your House

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The color that marks style and elegance par excellence is black. Of course, it must be used in the correct doses so that your house does not lose luminosity. Get a black flowerpot and give a touch of distinction to your home. If you combine it with noble materials such as ceramics, then you will gain distinction. Dare yourself!

The key in the decoration is to provide the right point to create a cozy atmosphere. In you will find different types of black planters as your needs, and in this article we give you some tricks to make the most of your black pot. Do not miss it and keep reading!

Your black flowerpot can be placed both inside and outside of your home. What we can assure you is that, whether in the dining room or in your garden, it will be a decorative element that will make a difference.

Glam look

We love the luxurious spaces. Silver furniture, rich fabrics and chandeliers are some of its hallmarks. The black and white colors that predominate in the space contrast with some fabrics in fuchsia or yellow. Here you cannot miss a bright black square plant pots. Ideal for lush and colorful flowers.

Industrial look

In a living room with an aged brick wall, a brown leather sofa, a white-haired carpet and a solid wood table, you cannot miss a black tin planter so that it is completely integrated into this timeless and trendy environment. You will never get tired!

Look black & white

If your basic colors in your room are reduced to white and black, do not get too involved. A black flowerpot fits your style perfectly. To give a touch of color you can decide on a very leafy plant or, some red flowers to break the bicolor domain.

As we have seen, a black flowerpot comes in different materials. In addition, they offer different shapes whether square, circular or rectangular. If what you want is to give your personal touch to your planter we propose some ideas to give you a point of daring. You will only need a little white paint and a brush.

If you want to maintain your chic touch, apply yourself thoroughly and create geometric shapes around your black planter: rhombuses, squares or horizontal and vertical lines.

To give it an informal spot, paint some stars or moles. This way you will reduce the seriousness of the black and you will give a youthful point to your pot.

Holly Hammond is a creative writer with a love for running and baking. When she isn’t trying out her latest cookie recipe, you can find her blogging for the Trends Magazine Post and Speaky Magazine.

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