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best investment
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A few days ago we talked about personal projects and time management. Talking about projects is also linked to investment, and to start the year and be full of energy, we seek the minimum opportunity to use them proactively.

The most common projects are – almost always – linked to investment in projects that generate wealth, however, how often do you invest in yourself? And we do not only refer to the investment in education that have led you to direct companies, businesses, families, and personal projects, we refer to something more integral: Personal development and strategic management of the human being.

If you have seen the movie Limitless starring Bradley Cooper s e give an idea what we mean by strategic management. Although the protagonist uses 100% of his brain when consuming a drug, we believe that it is possible to take full advantage of all our abilities, as long as we are training for it.

For example:

At the Center of the Leader, we believe that a leader should be the one who establishes a routine that not only nourishes his body, but also his mind. Because when your body does not respond, your mind comes to the defense and gets to the front to show that the “I can not” is not a fact, but a decision.

So how do we train the mind? Training the mind is also a decision because with tools such as self-observation or meditation, you can be more aware of how to act for each request that demands your attention.

Once you observe yourself in your day to day you also realize how useful you can be for yourself and also for others. Then the personal commitment that you assumed already becomes a more collective commitment. The motivation was the first step to make a change in your life, and that first step is not absent in your progress, on the contrary, the motivation only changes the intention to reside. Keep reading Ways to improve your finishing.

To live a process of change is necessary:

  1. Define what you want to integrate into your habits or routine.
  2. Understand which tools or means will facilitate compliance
  3. Battling day to day even if the negative thought or the desertion try to convince you to leave it.
  4. Never stop

Before concluding we remind you that strengthening begins with the mind. With the mind and the will, physical barriers can be broken.

Now that you know the initial guidelines to start managing yourself, tell us what is the next investment you are going to make?😉

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