The 15 best colors for rooms

best colors for rooms
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Looking for color inspiration for rooms that will help you decorate the interior of your home? In this article, we review all those possible best colors for rooms that will help you make your living room irresistible.

The living room is one of the most important common rooms in our home, we spend a lot of time in it, either alone, with family or friends. Decorating our room in a way that brings out all its potential will help us turn it into a warm and comfortable place where we will want to spend hours and hours. One of the most important characteristics when decorating a room is the color range that we choose to decorate it, that’s why the colors for rooms are so important.

Best colors for rooms

Colors for small rooms

best colors for rooms

One of the questions you can ask yourself in decorating small rooms is: what color should I paint the walls? There are some alternatives that will help you expand the space, in general, it is about neutral and light colors, let’s see some examples:

-White roomsbest colors for rooms

Among the colors for rooms, the white color is a success to decorate a small house. This color will make your little living room look bigger, something that can be fabulous if you have a small living room. In summary, a safe bet in small spaces is the decoration in white.

– Rooms in broken white

If the color white seems too nuclear, a safe bet is to paint your living room in off-white. The broken (or dirty) white is characterized by having a few drops of black or white in its composition, giving it a less luminous touch, but with a very similar effect on the walls.

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-Light gray roomsbest colors for rooms

An alternative to white is the light gray color for your living room, which can help you decorate your living room in an elegant way. This color also expands the space and you can combine it with a slightly darker wall to gain depth.

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-Beige rooms

The beige color is a very light white to earthy yellow color that can help you decorate your living room by making it bigger. This color will bring warmth and harmony to a small living room.

Colors for modern roomsbest colors for rooms

One of the questions that we can ask ourselves if we want to modernize our living room, is which color from the list of colors for rooms is ideal to renew it. In modern decoration there is no marginalization for any color range, therefore, we are going to give you some examples of modern rooms.

-Modern rooms in white

Although we have already named this color in the case of small rooms, the reality is that white can also be considered one of the stars that never goes out of style in modern interior decoration, especially minimalist ones. Betting on the white color to modernize a living room is a safe bet.

-Black rooms

In general, the color black is only used on one of the walls to give depth, but we cannot stop giving it the title of modern color since it is increasingly common to find it as a reference in room colors. You can combine it with wallpaper or other colors.


Whether light or darker gray, the gray color is widely used in the decoration of modern rooms. The combination of gray and other colors or textures is also very popular.

-Red rooms

Red is another of those colors that for a long time has not been made to serve much, and which has now become one of those fashionable colors that can be used by everyone. In the decoration of rooms, the red color is used to give intensity to a concrete wall.

-Chocolate-colored rooms

Another trend in colors for living rooms are the room’s chocolate. This dark brown color can be used for a wall, combining with furniture and accessories of the same color.

-Blue rooms

In all its shades, the color blue is a fashionable color. The blue rooms can be navy, navy blue, light blue or aquamarine, the truth is that this color range is very popular and offers many possibilities in the decor of our room.

-Purple rooms

Another trend that we can find today is that of purple, lilac or violet rooms. Whether on the walls of your living room or with accessories, decorating your room in this color will be a success. In addition to being a very modern living room color, it also helps give it a feminine touch.

Textures for roomsbest colors for rooms

There are also alternatives to colors for flat rooms, and they are the textures. Today, many rooms combine the color with a textured wall, let’s take a look at some examples!

-Cement effect paint

It is a special paint that will give the wall of your living room a very modern and contemporary cement effect. It is ideal to give a different touch to your living room with only the use of special paint.

-Exposed brick walls

Another great trend for living room walls is exposed brick. Above all, it is perfect for lofts, apartments, and floors in urban and industrial style, although today we can find this type of brick walls in any type of decorative style.

-Wooden walls

The use of wooden boards for the walls is also another of the trends that we have to take into account. It is ideal to combine with white or other neutral and warm colors.

-Stone walls

Whether in rustic settings or in modern interiors, stone tiles are another of the main protagonists in the decoration of contemporary rooms.

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