Best beachside hotels for couples

Best beachside hotels for couples
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Couples need to have some alone time; from work, family, friends and their kids. This helps them to focus on their relationship; what they are doing right and what they need to work on. The alone time helps the couple to keep the passion in their relationship, remembering why they chose each other in the first place. Generally, it is a time to appreciate each other, and what a better way to do so rather than on a best beachside hotels for couples? The mood set will help a great deal.

Below I discuss best beachside hotels for couples

Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa

best beachside hotels for couples

*It is located in Shellfish, California, between Los Angeles and Francisco.
*It is in a small town and creates that cozy feeling, setting up romantic mood.
* The beach is literally a few steps from the resort, where the couple can stroll down the beach any time of their liking. Moreover, privacy is assured. The beach also offers a breathtaking view from the romantic spacious rooms. The beds are so big and comfortable that you can lazy up in the bed the whole day, enjoying the company of each other.
*Your day can go even better by enjoying intimate spa time, and later on enjoying a cool swim the big swimming pool, giving you ample time to play around as much as you like.
*By the time you are done with all these hyper fun activities, you will be hungry. Not to worry; their restaurant, Lido, offers one of the best cuisine, if not the best, ever. Read more How to Plan your First Travel Trip to Bahrain

Cannery Pier Hotel

best beachside hotels for couples

*It is in Astoria, Oregon.
*One of the best things about the hotel is the view of the neatly arranged ships. It is simply breathtaking.
*Another plus for the hotel is the mood set in the elegant rooms, just perfect for snuggling. The fireplace keeps the temperature right, and there is a bathtub in the room.
*The most appealing quality about the hotel is the excellent service the hotel’s staff offers; they literally satisfy your every whim. Amenities such as bike riding for fun rides and free limousines are some of the qualities you will really love about the hotel.
* Free wine is offered every night, and I bet there is no couple that would resist this.

Casa Morada

best beachside hotels for couples

*It is located in Islamorada, Florida, 90 miles from Miami.
*It is a plus that here, a couple indulges in both outdoor activities such as yoga, boat riding and snorkeling the Key reef, and never-ending pampering such as private messages, and beautiful sunset views, and huge Jacuzzi.
* Another fascination with the hotel is that it offers private outdoor spaces.

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

best beachside hotels for couples

*It is located in Maui, Hawaii.
*It is a favorite for couples because it has summer temperatures all year round, and it is tailor-made for couples.
*The resort offers top-notch services, and it is keen on offering ample space and privacy; relax in your private balcony, a spa service that is exclusive to couples, and even more exciting, you can have an outdoor shower.
*Take a trip to this resort and you will be honored to have direct access to D.T. Fleming Beach, which Dr. Beach recently named as number 1 beach in the world.

The Wauwinet

best beachside hotels for couples

*It is located in Nantucket, Massachusetts.
*Though it is popular with the rich, you can still afford it if you got a little money. Most beaches here are free but feel like they are private because there are not many tourists.
*The Wauwinet is popular with couples because it offers romantic dinner; their dining rooms are dimly lit, with the table covered with beautiful linens and out of this world flower arrangements.
*Their rooms are intimate and comfortable, offering a romance beach package (includes 2 nights in a room with Pratesi sheets, and a VIP champagne tour) for a cheap price.

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