Best beach destinations for summer vacations

Best beach destinations for summer vacations
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If you want to make your 2020 summer vacation an unforgettable experience, nothing better than a dream beach. Therefore, we facilitate the selection of your ideal destination and offer a list of the best beaches in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Thus, the magic of its waters, natural wonders and location will help you decide where to go in the summer.

Beach, sun, and sand = perfect summer

Summer is one of the best seasons for traveling and vacationing, enjoying the sun, warm sands that together with a charming beach, guarantee a perfect summer conducive to traveling to the place you have yearned for throughout the year.

Best beaches to visit this summer:

 Corralejo beach, Fuerteventura (Spain)Best beach destinations for summer vacations

Corralejo, a town in the north of Fuerteventura with the most attractive beaches in the Canary Islands, frequented by lovers of windsurfing and scuba diving. From there you will have access to the Dunes of Corralejo Natural Park and the Isla de los Lobos Nature Reserve. However, the beaches in the north are more touristy, while those in the south are wilder.

 Cannon Beach, Oregon (United States)

Located west of Portland. A paradise of 16 kilometers of beaches with a natural wealth worth exploring, the setting for the children’s film Los Goonies.

Noordwijk Beach, Leiden (Netherlands)

Quiet beach, between Amsterdam and The Hague on the banks of Noordwijk, a city famous for its beach and flower fields. In 2012 Noordwijk received the Gold QualityCoast Award for his work as a sustainable tourist destination. Noordwijk has a special beach for dogs with routes to enjoy with your dog companion.

 Tulum Beach, Tulum (Mexico)Best beach destinations for summer vacations

The beautiful beach of the Yucatan peninsula of Quintana Roo offers an incomparable paradise next to the Mayan ruins of the city of Tulum and the Barrier Reef of the Caribbean. It has 7 km of fine sand, blue waters. Thus, the Riviera Maya is an extraordinary summer vacation destination.

 Crash Boat Beach, Aguadilla (Puerto Rico)

Stands out for its turquoise waters, charming marine life, ideal for those who practice water sports.

Stiniva Beach, Vis Island (Croatia)

30-meter cove hidden among the calcareous rock formations of the south of the Island of Vis. Accessible by boat through a narrow passage and on foot through a narrow path.

Papakolea Beach, Island of Hawai’i (Hawaii)

The volcanic archipelago of the islands that make up the state of Hawaii hides the paradisiacal Papakolea beach, its sands stand out for their greenish color, it contains small fragments of olivine, a semi-precious stone of volcanic origin.

Pool beach, Arbus (Italy)

Best beach destinations for summer vacations

Located in the Arbus area in Sardinia, a characteristic paradise for dunes over 12 meters high and crystal clear, deep waters. Sun and beach lovers will be delighted at the Playa de Piscinas.

Ko Similan, Similan Islands (Thailand)

Islands that form the archipelago and national park in the middle of the Andaman Sea. One of the best summer beaches for the transparency of its waters, diversity of marine fauna, coral reefs and the shapes of its submerged rocks make the wonderful beach of Ko Similan famous.

 Ko Phi-phi (Thailand)

Azure waters, surrounded by limestone cliffs, Maya Bay in Ko Phi-Phi Leh. You have to climb the 300 m from the viewpoint of Phi Phi to contemplate the exuberant beauty of the island in the form of a butterfly or make a boat trip through the sea.

 Matemwe Beach, Zanzibar (Tanzania)Best beach destinations for summer vacations

Eastern coast of Unguja, the main island of the archipelago, shelters Matemwe beach, one of the best in the world.

 Rangiroa (French Polynesia)

The coral atoll in the middle of the Pacific, second largest in the world, ideal for scuba diving. It offers a huge lagoon, almost an inland sea, it is one of the extraordinary options within French Polynesia for those seeking tranquility and rest. Understands:

– Fakarava Atoll, silky sand, palm trees, and scuba diving.

– Ahe: coral reefs, pristine islets surrounded by white sand.

– Tikehau: beach with pink and gold tones.

– Mataiva: an oasis of tranquility, turquoise, and emerald green waters caress a coral beach with white sand.

– Make: the lagoon shines with shades of blue, from lapis lazuli to turquoise; pure wonder.

– Aratika: paradise island, one of the best-kept secrets in French Polynesia

– Cape Tribulation (Australia).

– Cape Tribulation (Australia).

Located in the Queensland region,   World Heritage with splendid beaches, ancient tropical forests, coastal reefs, beautiful fauna and flora, rock pools, mangroves, rugged mountains and 40 minutes from the coast is the Great Barrier Reef, a unique place in the world that make it an extraordinary destination to travel in summer 2020.

 Gili Islands (Indonesia)

Composed of three islands northwest of Lombok, it stands out for having coral reefs, wonderful places to fish or dive. It has a legend, according to which there is a magic ring around it that prevents people from leaving.

 Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)

Sparsely populated archipelago, off the northeast coast of Brazil, especially famous among divers for its dolphins, corals, tropical seabirds in the western Atlantic.

 Lalomanu (Samoa)

South Pacific, in Upolu, perfect for water sports. From there you can see the uninhabited island of Namua, a kind of virtual reality.

 San Andres Y Providencia (Colombia)

A tropical paradise with a Caribbean flavor, with a Rastafarian influence. Beautiful beaches, caves, coves, and pools combined with local architecture, reggae and rum guarantee excellent summer vacations with a mandatory visit to Cayo Johnny with boats leaving the port near the Decamerón aquarium.

 Cape Verde

The archipelago of 10 volcanic islands off the coast of Senegal. A strange amalgam of West African rhythms and Portuguese colonialism. Its deserted beaches protect a very fragile ecosystem loaded with native species.

Ipanema Beach ( Brazil )

It is the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, free and open to everyone, it has all kinds of entertainment. It is divided by a series of posts (lifeguard towers) in sections of 2 km; each houses its parishioners. Post 9 marks the Garota de Ipanema, and post 8 is the children’s area of ​​the favelas.

Aitu (Cook Islands)

In the Pacific, deserted beaches, blue waters and white sands. It has a group of multi-chambered limestone caves, hidden in the coral coastal plains that surround it. Today it is a mecca for ecotourism with extraordinary flora and fauna.

 Kuna Yala (Panama)

A tropical paradise, islets known as San Blas islands, are part of the territory of the Kuna people and have palm trees, beautiful beaches.

 Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales (Turks And Caicos Islands)Best beach destinations for summer vacations

Although the name may confuse, Grace Bay beach is in Providenciales, the Turkish islands in the Caribbean between Cuba and the Dominican Republic. A place to visit at any time of the year, go scuba diving and enjoy disconnection.

Tips to plan and enjoy your summer trip to the fullest

Planning summer vacations does not allow delays when choosing a destination, therefore, we share some recommendations for traveling this summer.

– Find out which are the best destinations to travel considering the weather, temperatures, your preferences, costs, the time you have and location. Considering these circumstances can help you in your selection.

– If you travel with children, it is advisable to take into account the required documents and authorizations and thus in advance to have everything in order, to avoid complications and setbacks.

– During the summer the influx of passengers in airports is massive, to save time check-in online.

– If you want to become one more inhabitant during a few days of vacation, consider the option of a timeshare, a modality in which individuals or agencies offer residential homes or apartments in coastal areas, so that you can enjoy the accommodation as if you were on your own House.

– Remember to bring sunscreen, sunscreen, a first aid kit with pain relievers; drink plenty of water, consume snacks that provide energy.

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