Barcelona to host ninth Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe conference

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The Spanish city of Barcelona, also known as the “cosmopolitan capital”, is a fitting location for the ninth Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Europe conference, a major industry event that brings together a wide range of people from within the clinical trials realm for an intense few days of meetings, talks and networking.

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Welcome back

The city is no stranger to this conference, as 2018 marks the eighth time Barcelona has played host, but there’s always something extra to offer. This year, the focus is on data and trial technology, the challenges of outsourcing and new developments in the field. Vendors, clinicians, and pharmaceutical researchers will be amongst those representing the entire European region at this key event.

What’s new for 2018?

Attendees can definitely expect a lot more interaction at various points through the conference, a move designed to make it easier for those who sponsor trials and those who fill them to more easily foster a relationship. There will also be more content that those attending can relate to and use in their particular situation, and a dedicated section concentrating solely on the topic of innovation in clinical trials, as new technology, approaches and data-related techniques continue to emerge.

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Who shouldn’t miss this event?

The main audience is made up of people who are responsible for clinical trials or participant recruitment, along with representatives and key players in European biotech and pharmaceutical companies. This is an invaluable stage for networking, meeting established contacts, and staying informed of the cutting-edge news emerging from the world of clinical trials.

The content

Budgets, ethics, troubleshooting and problem-solving are typical topics addressing real-life challenges those in the field face daily, and it’s tackling these burning issues that makes this conference so valuable. For example, this year, Torsten Kayser, a Senior Clinical Research Fellow for Boston Scientific, presents on the topic of uncovering strategies to maintain project timelines and reduce unexpected added costs. This is a useful resource for staff such as those at during adaptive phase 1 studies.

This conference may be well-established, but it is seriously committed to being innovative, too, with boundaries being pushed each year to deliver a top-quality conference experience with content that benefits all who attend and strengthens the entire field of clinical trial practice.

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