Author: Russell Chowdhury

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

3 Things to Consider Before Having Cosmetic Surgery

November 11, 2019

If you’ve ever thought about having cosmetic surgery, you may be interested in finding out more information. There are many benefits to having plastic surgery and it’s important to have clear motives and expectations. Here are three things you should understand before moving ahead with any type of cosmetic surgery.

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Four Tips For Planning Your Birthday Party

November 8, 2019

You’ve got a milestone birthday coming up and what better way to celebrate than a PARTY? Get all your friends and family together, call up a party planner NY and pop the champagne: This will be a night that you don’t want anyone forgetting!

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Should you choose a shorter fixed price energy deal?

October 28, 2019

For some, staying with your energy provider is an easier choice than searching through comparison sites trying to find a better deal; however, even if you feel that you have a pretty good deal, there are always ways to save money, with the latest news showing that short-term energy tariffs could save you more than […]

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Key considerations for commercial fridge and freezer units

October 23, 2019

When you’re looking to purchase new commercial fridges and freezers you need to consider a number of key factors. This enables you to choose the right product that meets your needs. Image Credit Catering for the demand The commercial market for refrigeration equipment continues to grow and develop, as we see a higher demand for […]

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Steering yourself in the right direction

October 19, 2019

You might not think of taxi drivers being entrepreneurs but there’s a lot of hard work involved in being a successful taxi driver and it’s a very competitive business. Your customers can be obnoxious, you can work long hours and you’re expected to be a wealth of information and knowledge. To succeed, you’re going to […]

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Signs you need a new PR agency

October 18, 2019

Signs you need a new PR agency There comes a time in a relationship when things go south, and it becomes clear that the end is in sight. Typically, both sides in the relationship know, or at least have seen the signs that something is going wrong. If you happen to be involved in marketing […]

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How to get a properly fitting collar for your dog

September 27, 2019

If you have a dog, you will understand that the collar is an essential item. A collar, along with a microchip, is where the dog carries ID information and also provides a handy place to clip the lead. More than just buying a collar, the owner must ensure that the collar is properly fitted for […]

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So many shapes for a beautiful diamond

September 25, 2019

Diamond rings are incredibly beautiful and they look spectacular on any hand especially if you have just visited a Manicures Gloucester company to treat yourself to a spot of pampering. The jewels sparkle and shine in the light and your choice of nail polish colour can really accent the coloured jewels in your rings. There […]

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Four top steps to great website design

September 24, 2019

Today’s world of website development is evolving fast and there are a number of considerations to be made when progressing a new web design, whether using an in-house team or an agency. Here we take a closer look at four great steps to getting it right: Image Credit Considering the human user Today’s websites are […]

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A Different type of Honeymoon Holiday

September 23, 2019

If you’re planning your wedding at the moment and are busy trying to decide on where to honeymoon, then check out these alternative ideas. If you want a honeymoon to be an experience you’ll remember forever with memories to treasure, then ditch the usual package holidays ideas and try something new. If you’ve not got […]

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