Author: Holly Hammond

Holly Hammond is a creative writer with a love for running and baking. When she isn’t trying out her latest cookie recipe, you can find her blogging for the Trends Magazine Post and Speaky Magazine.

Robo-advisers are closing in on the IFA market

April 20, 2018

Part man. Part machine. All adviser. The future of financial advice is here…or is it? Image Credit Movie buffs will recognise the parody of the 1987 Robocop tagline, but Robo advisers are muscling into the financial services industry at an alarming rate, and the landscape of advice appears to be changing. Most of the discussion […]

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fashion retail management

Behind the Scene of a Fashion Retail Management

March 16, 2018

Fashion Retail Management is intended to furnish you with a coordinated point of view of the numerous complex aspects of the retail management, and the understanding of the more extensive set of designing in social and natural terms and how the purchaser attempts the pre-purchase, buy and the post obtaining the procedure. The courses pointed […]

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