Top 7 Alternatives to Chrome

Alternatives to Chrome
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Did you know that there is a browser for what you want to use the Internet for? Today I will tell you the 7 alternatives to Chrome, the most used worldwide.

If you want to discover 7 amazing browsers, all you have to do is keep reading.

Alternatives to Chrome, do you really need to change your browser?

That is a very good question and in turn, easy and difficult to answer.

Why? Because it is clear that it is a great browser but it requires a more powerful machine than it’s supposed to surf the Internet.

Especially on the subject of RAM.

That is the great Chrome handicap: it consumes an amount of memory that is not even normal.

You can check it yourself. Right-click on the taskbar and in the menu that is displayed, under “Start the task manager”

Look at the memory consumption of each of the Chrome tabs compared to the rest of the tasks …

Therefore, if your computer does not have enough power, you should switch to another browser.

Having said all this, I must confess that I love Chrome and it is my default browser on both the computer, laptop, mobile, tablet and any other device from which I can navigate.

All that alarming memory use compensates me knowing that, if I enter a web page from my mobile, then I can access it from the desktop and vice versa.

It is as if you always use the same browser but on different machines. It’s a good thing about being in the Google ecosystem.

The best browsers for your computer

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Each of the browsers I’m going to talk about below has some features that make it stand out for certain tasks.

Some are really useful (more privacy, less resource consumption) and others are less.

It will be your business to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

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Vivaldi, young but growing very fastAlternatives to Chrome

The first alternatives to Chrome that I am going to talk to you about are that it is the one that most resembles it, both good and bad.

In fact, it is based on Chromium, the base of Chrome.

That means that it is still a browser that consumes a lot of rams but offers some different things that I think are worth it.

For example, you can group the tabs or view two pages at once with the mosaic mode.

You can also change its appearance almost completely, in case you like everything to be combined.

But above all the great advantage that it has is that, when sharing base, all Chrome extensions are compatible.

Take this opportunity to remind you that you have a post with the 17 best extensions for Chrome here.

You can download it from its official website for both Windows, Apple and Linux.

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Firefox, the fox that no longer burns as beforeAlternatives to Chrome

The first great alternatives to chrome that has given us such good times.

Not browsing, but in the form of jokes.

Firefox is still a great alternative for Chrome, but it’s true that it’s not what it used to be.

In fact, it ranks fourth in the list of browsers used to enter the blog with 6.81% of total visits.

But as I say, it is still a very valid browser for day to day.

For starters, it is free software, which for me is a great advantage.

Its number of extensions is the highest and if you create a user, you can synchronize your history and bookmarks.

That way, it won’t matter where you use it.

In addition, it carries serial protection against phishing attacks and malicious software.

And as a curious fact, although it is called Firefox, it has nothing to do with a fox on fire.

In fact, it really is a red panda (which in English is called firefox).

If you want to try it, it is available on both Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android on its official website.

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Comodo dragon / Ice dragon, two shields for your computerAlternatives to Chrome

Someone may like the Comodo company.

It is neither more nor less than a company dedicated to network security. In fact, it is responsible for SSL certificates

Well, that same company launched a browser so that when we are on the Web, we go safer.

Because both Comodo dragon and Ice dragon are the same. The only difference is that the first one is based on Chromium and the other one on Firefox.

Because they did that? For users to be familiar with the browser.

The way this browser has to protect you while we search on the Internet is based on two actions.

The first one is that before loading a page, it goes through its servers and is scanned for anything that might be suspicious. It is one of the best Alternatives to Chrome.

Only if that control passes, will it open to us.

And in the second filter is that the browser runs “section” of the rest of the computer.

This means that it is “fenced” and if from the browser they try to access our computer in some way, they will not be able to leave that limited space.

You can download the Chromium version from here and the Firefox version from here.

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Safari, if you are on a Mac you don’t need another

If you are a user of a device from the company of the bitten apple, you already have one of the best browsers you will find.

And if Apple does something right, it is to get the most out of its hardware through its software.

That ensures that, if you use it from a Mac device, it will work practically without problems. It is one of the best Alternatives to Chrome.

As disadvantages, due to its low market share, some pages are not fully optimized for it and will not work quite well.

And it has no extension shop.

Opera, old rockers never dieAlternatives to Chrome

Along with Firefox, one of the most common browsers in this to surf the Internet.

Virtually out of use (0.50% of blog visits) is still an alternative to Chrome in a very particular case: if your Internet connection is not very powerful .

And it is that thanks to the turbo mode, which is available in both its mobile, desktop and mini version, the browser will be in charge of compressing the number of megabytes you need to load the web, making everything go faster. It is one of the best Alternatives to Chrome.

Something that you will not notice if you have a good connection, but if you navigate with mobile data or with a low speed connection, it can make a difference.

It is also highly recommended for low power machines, as it is one of the lightest.

Epic Privacy Browser, or how to be as invisible as possibleAlternatives to Chrome

We live in bad times when it comes to privacy.

Every two times three, we wake up with news from hackers who have stolen data or from companies that sell our information to third parties.

And I don’t know about you, but it makes me angry that if I look for information to buy me a laptop, then when I enter Instagram I get advertising related to that. It is one of the best Alternatives to Chrome.

Precisely to help you avoid that is Epic Privacy Browser.

With this alternative to Chrome, your information will be a little more secure.

As it does?

For starters, it has no history, no cache or corrects your spelling mistakes.

Nor does it translate the pages or send error reports.

All of these are methods that leave a trail and can be used to follow your steps.

But in addition to all that, closing it deletes everything: cookies, sessions, page views, favorites, etc.

It will be as if you had never used it.

And as a final auction, it has its own proxy.

If you don’t know what a proxy is, I’ll explain it to you as simple as it is:

Browsing the Internet is nothing more than exchanging information between your computer (or another device) with a server.

A proxy consists of a computer that is placed in the middle so that the server does not know where the information really comes from.

Torch, if your thing is the multimedia webAlternatives to Chrome

The last alternative for Chrome is ideal if you are a consumer of insatiable multimedia content.

The torch is more than a browser. It is a complete online suite for everything related to videos, music, games and various other things.

For example, from the browser itself, you can download YouTube videos or use this same platform to listen to your favorite music.

It also includes a torrent manager with the ability to view them without downloading them.

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