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Picture the scene. You’re in a heated engagement over cards. You’ve got a really good hand, but you’ve been at this for about 3 hours now and things are starting to get a little bit peckish in the tummy department. You don’t want to leave but you need something otherwise your going to start flag and might lose the hand. If only you’d booked through Events Agency Dublin based firm they could have sorted, you out. Unfortunately, this is the Eighteenth century and the internet hasn’t been invented yet so what can you do?

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What you can do is a bit of inventing yourself. You’re the Earl of Sandwich and you’ve got a cracking idea. Because you’re posh and rich you have servants, so you can avoid any real work and get them to do it. You like bread and you like ham. We not combine the two elements together to create a new food or way of serving it. You could call it the Foswhacker! Yes, that’s it!

“Servant get me a Foswhacker”!

“What’s a Foswhacker your Grace?” asks the servant back at you.

“I shall tell you my good servant. It is, wait for it, a slice of meat, I’ll let you choose what we’ve got downstairs in the pantry and put it betwixt two slices of bread. Gentleman, I give to you the Foswhacker!” And you smile knowingly at the chaps around the table as they marvel at your genius.

“Hasn’t someone already done that before”, says the servant.

“What do you mean”, Asks the Earl, a bit deflated.

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“Well it’s not a hard thing to think of is it your grace. I mean I’m sure I saw that people have been doing that with unleavened bread for, well centuries. My cousin reckons that the Turks and Jewish people had been sticking lamb and veggies in something called a pitta well before this idea. I had one the other night after a trip the Sail and Anchor. Lovely it was, perfect after a pint of Dunlop’s Most Strangeness”.

“Oh, do be quiet Smyth and run along and get me a Foswhacker. Pitta indeed, that will never catch on. I would like a bit of ham actually. And maybe some cheese. Whilst you’re at it maybe a bit of butter and then mustard too. I’m on a roll here chaps, what say you?” suggested the earl.

“Yes,” chorused the inbred aristos the Earl loosely called friends, “We’ll have the same as Sandwich!” even Lord Jenkins thought it was a good idea, although he thought he had a good hand and he was holding 2 jokers and the Rules of Bridge card.

“Sandwich,” thought the Earl of Sandwich, “Perhaps that might be a better name. Shame, I was hoping to start a chain of shops selling them called Pret A Foswhacker…”

Hi, I am Russell Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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