Activated charcoal for teeth – Contraindications

Activated charcoal
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There are no special contraindications. It is theoretically possible to use activated charcoal for teeth whitening, even for children. After all, we all want to whiten our teeth without harming the enamel.

But, there are some caveats:

  • Too frequent use of coal or excess of bleaching time.
  • Thinning of tooth enamel.
  • Mechanical damage to the gums and oral mucosa.
  • Sensitive teeth.
  • Immediately after the bleaching procedure, do not smoke or drink coffee.

Here for these moments, pay special attention.

It is believed that the daily use of coal for bleaching is dangerous. This version has every right to exist. But, it can only harm when you brush your teeth for a very long period of time. And if you follow the recommendations given in this article, then bleaching will not only be absolutely safe but also mega effective. Keep readingĀ

Teeth whitening is used by many people. Its main goal is a snow-white, beautiful and healthy smile. This is rather a cosmetic procedure. Such services are offered by specialized salons: dental or cosmetic. And they are, by no means cheap. At the same time, there are many methods that can help to whiten tooth enamel with almost the same bright effect, but with significantly lower costs and without any side effects. So, efficiency, accessibility, and complete safety can “boast” teeth whitening by means such as activated charcoal. It is an excellent helper in teeth whitening. As a result of the correct application of high-quality chemist’s coal, damage to the gums or mucous membrane of the mouth is impossible.

This is such an “express procedure,” which, if it does not give such an astonishing result as the first two, will show a rather high efficiency. So, what does it take to whiten your teeth like this? Just once or twice a day, chew the activated carbon pill. This should last no less than 5 minutes. But, the longer, the better.

You just take activated charcoal capsules, put it in your mouth and chew it, trying to ensure as tight as possible its contact with the teeth. The course of such “therapy” can be up to 1 month.

It is important, after chewing the tablets of coal: do not forget to rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm water, or small particles of coal that stick to teeth, tongue, gums and so on for a while, can shock the people around you, to put it mildly.

These are the methods that are tested in practice by tens of thousands of people and even confirmed scientifically. But, this is unlikely to tell you dentists or cosmetologists, which is beneficial, so that you bleached your teeth from them, paying at the same time is not small money.

But, now you will know: an alternative and, note, no less effective way of whitening – there is! And what else should you know about it in order to achieve the maximum possible result?

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