5 more tips to better local SEO

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There is no doubt that global search engine optimisation is vital to the growth of your business. However, you cannot ignore the significance of local SEO strategies.

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There are many potential consumers who are searching for a local business just like yours right now. Your aim is for them to find you. They cannot find you if you are not visible online, so it is essential that you rank highly on local online searches. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

1. Get as many high-quality links as you can

Publishing guest articles in online publications is a great way to get a link to your site and to get your name out there. It’s all about establishing your authority in your niche.
When you call in professional SEO services, such as those provide by https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/, they will look at your SEO strategy as a whole. You can help with raising the SEO profile of your site by presenting to local business groups.

2. Optimise your internal linking structure

According to the Search Engine Journal, an effective internal linking structure is essential to getting your SEO strategy right. Structuring content around topics is also very beneficial.

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3. Ensure that you have local coverage

Identify any major publications such as magazines and newspapers in your area. These will have a high Google index. Make contact with the journalists that cover your subject area – it could be the business, food or education editor. Foster an ongoing relationship by offering expert opinion and newsworthy items. This can be a useful ongoing source of links.

4. Don’t forget how useful tags can be

Tags are often forgotten when it comes to SEO and many business owners simply ignore them. If you want your website to rank locally, it is important to optimise your title tags. Always use local keywords here, with a location name. By doing this, you are showing search engines that the content is directly relevant to the location and it will rank more highly.

5. Use a business profile

Google’s search engine offers you the opportunity to set up a My Business profile, which is essentially a business listing. You will need to have a physical address. When you have completed your details, it will assist with your ranking.

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