12 things that make us feel most Christmassy

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The holiday season is not too far away now. It’s that special time of year when we get to feel excited like we did when we were kids. The lights, tinsel and tree go up and unless you particularly dislike Christmas in a Scrooge-type manner, then you’ll be feeling pretty festive. Here are the most common things that get us in the mood for Christmas:

  1. Christmas Trees

Of course, choosing the tree is when most of us really get into the spirit of the season. Taking the tree home and starting to decorate with the whole family with lights and baubles is enough to cheer anyone up out of the winter blues.

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  1. Snow

The quintessential festive image is a white Christmas. While we don’t get this very often, we still all wish for a little snow on December 25th to make the day even more awesome.

  1. Lights

When the town centre Christmas lights get officially switched on, then we know it is time for the festivities to begin. Going in search of the brightest and mostly elaborately decorated house in the city is another fun activity at this time of year.

  1. Log Cabins

Whether we have one as an ornament, dusted with fake snow and decorated with gingerbread men or we take our children to visit Santa’s grotto in one, there’s something about a log cabin that says roaring fire, hot chocolate and festive activities. For your own Log Cabins Northern Ireland, visit logcabinsnorthernireland.com

  1. Hot Chocolate

Winter is definitely the best time of year for the warming, deliciousness of a mug of hot chocolate (marshmallows optional).

  1. Christmas Jumpers

Yes, there’s now even a charity dedicated to wearing one of these hideous garments, but you can’t help but secretly love them! The more outlandish, ugly and tacky the better.

  1. Gifts

We know the spirit of Christmas is more than receiving gifts, but we do all love getting a little something to unwrap on Christmas morning. How can anyone not look forward to a treat or a surprise gift to open?

  1. Ice Skating

Unless you avoid ice skating because you’re seriously uncoordinated, a trip to the ice rink definitely screams Christmas time!

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  1. Music

Whether it’s the much-loved festive rock and pop songs or joyous carols, it’s definitely time to get festive when you start to hear these famous songs on the radio and in stores from around mid-November onwards!

  • Santa Claus

We loved him as children but secretly as grown-ups we still have a soft spot for old Saint Nick.

  1. Classic movies

We know it’s time to order the turkey when the Christmas films start showing on TV. Snuggle up, grab some treats and tune in for those annual classics we love to watch again and again, such as Home Alone and Elf.

  1. Being a kid again

Of course, what really makes us love and look forward to Christmas is that it’s just fun. It’s a time when we can all feel a little bit of excitement like we did when we were kids. Whether that comes from time off work, great food, presents or spending time with loved ones – it just feels good.

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